Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Mrs Charlotte Kiedwell’s Legacy of £50 had been received and placed in the Building Fund. (Actual amount was £44/19/-).

There is something wrong with the cess-pit. [Oh, no!] Resolved to have Mr Ford see what the matter is & do the necessary repairs.

Mr Crossman applied for the admission of a Mrs Ludwell, from Whitehall. Agreed that she be admitted for one month at 1gn a week.

Mrs Norley discharged 17 Feb.

Mrs Bethell discharged 21 Feb.

Mrs Parker discharged 22 Feb.

Mrs R Parker discharged 22 Feb.

Mrs Cottrell discharged 24 Feb.

Two instalments of £25 had been received from the Sodbury Vale Lodge of Freemasons. Vote of thanks to be sent.

EM Ball.
12 March 1934 Rev EM Bald, Mrs Bowen, Mr Crossman, Mrs Skelton, Mrs Guest, Miss Tyler, Mrs Elliott.

Dr Helen Aldwinckle expressed her appreciation of being invited to join the Hon Medical Staff of the hospital, and her agreement to join the staff.

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1   ...   160   161   162   163   164   165   166   167   ...   194

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