Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Barbara & Dennis Hacker of Watley's End;

Albert Turner, Winterbourne Down;

May Appleton, Frampton Cotterell;

Heather Neate, Stoke Gifford;

Pansy Bartlett, Winterbourne Hill;

Douglas Pedrick, Hambrook;

Phyllis Lockyer, Winterbourne Down;

Gordon Blackmore, Winterbourne Down;

Beryl Petrie, Winterbourne Down;

Beryl Petrie had to return to the hospital afterwards to be treated for haemorrhage, and the mother has paid 5/-.

Charlotte G Tyler.

4 Dec 1933 Miss Tyler, Mrs Bowen, Dr Alice Crossman, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Guest, Miss Guise, Mrs Skelton, Mrs Alston, Canon Phillips, Mr Crossman.

Emily Whitehead had agreed to stay on a little longer. Matron had heard of a Mrs Hewitt from Winterbourne who might do as Cook. Also a Mrs Lovell from Downend was mentioned for interview.

A letter from Nurse Burley indicated that she did not get on with Matron or the staff. It would be better if she did not stay, so was given a month’s notice. Nurse Taylor, interviewed last October, to be re-contacted to see if she is still free to be engaged.

Bill from Stone the Builder received for £638/19/5.

Insurance Co is offering a reduction of 33% if a policy for 5 years is taken out and paid in advance. Agreed to accept.

The Red X Library had sent a new consignment of books at a flat rate of 5/- on each consignment. Agreed to.

Florence Balham, Iron Acton, admitted 22 Nov and will pay the amount of her insurance.

Mrs Coleman discharged 21 Nov.

Mrs Lodge discharged 22 Nov.

Mr Robert Hood discharged 22 Nov.

EM Bald.
18 Dec 1933 Rev EM Bald, Mr Crossman, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Guest, Mrs Harding, Mrs Skelton, Miss Tyler, Mrs Alston.

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