Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Mrs Daisy Taylor, Iron Acton, admitted 23 May – 1 guinea.

Mrs Curtis left 19 May.

Mrs Hanks left 20 May.

Mrs Alice Pullin left 21 May.

Resolved to engage Mrs Higgins of Redfield for last fortnight of July at 2 guineas a week, while Nurse Findlay is on holiday.

Dr Middleton Martin applied for a maternity case from Warmley to be admitted early June. Agreed.

Georgina C Bowen.
Parish Magazine, May 1927…

WIRELESS FOR HAMBROOK HOSPITAL. The account of the Cup-tie was one of the first items heard in the Hospital by Wireless. A complete set has been installed including a pair of head-phones (a horrible word) for each bed. It has not yet been paid for. The cost is about £40, and about half that is still needed. Do, you enjoy your wireless, at home? If so you will like to help the patients to enjoy it too. Have you listened to some one else's wireless? If so it has cost you nothing and you will certainly want to pay for someone else to listen. Mrs. Alston, the Matron or any of the Committee will be delighted to receive, any donations, large or small to pay for this great boon to the hospital.

6 June 1927 Mrs Bowen, Mrs Skelton, Miss H Surtees, Mr Yeoman, Mrs Alston.

Re S Wilshire – no official statement yet from Dr Lowsley.

Mrs Clara Gale admitted 2 June at 1g a week.

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