Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

Mrs Rugman discharged 23 June. Miss Luton

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Mrs Rugman discharged 23 June.

Miss Luton discharged 22 June.

Mrs Bullock discharged 16 June.

Mrs Vowles discharged 16 June.

Mrs Harding discharged 21 June.

Building – Mr Dening wished to employ Stone’s firm for the building as he knew their work and they were in a position to get on with it quickly. It was proposed that recommendation be accepted, with the proviso that local labour should be employed as far as possible. Mr Crossman proposed an amendment that tenders should be asked for to include local builders. Amendment lost, motion carried. Mrs Guest said she had written to the BBC at Cardiff asking if it was possible to broadcast an appeal for funds and had received a not unfavourable reply.

EM Bald.
10 July 1933 Rev EM Bald, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Guest, Mrs Skelton, Miss Tyler, Mrs Alston.

Re Phyllis Stacey – the Public Health Committee can give no more help with this case, but Stacey had given an undertaking to pay the hospital 5/- a week out of the grant.

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