Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Phyllis Stacey, Winterbourne Down, admitted 28 May. Matron said the British Legion were paying, & she had said 15/- a week, but on the recommendation of Miss Tyler, it was reduced to 12/6. Carried.

The Hon Treas said that the Bank would allow an overdraft at 4½ % up to £1000 to finance the new scheme if it is adopted.

Mrs Smart, Watley's End, admitted 25 May at 10/- a week.

Mrs Parker discharged 18 May.

Mrs Winters discharged 20 May.

Mrs Fidler discharged 20 May.

Mrs Violet Brown discharged 20 May.

Mrs Jones discharged 20 May.

Alice Marsh.

12 June 1933 Mrs Marsh, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Skelton, Mrs Guest, Mrs Harding, Canon Phillipps, Rev G Jarvis, Mrs Alston.

Canon Phillipps said he had received a message of apology from Rev EM Bald, who was absent through illness.

The limit of overdraft at the Bank is £1200, not £1000.

Ernest Golding – it was reported that the letter asking for payment had been returned through the post “Not Known”. Mrs Elliott said she would take up the matter with the police.

Building – a sub-committee (Mr Crossman, Mrs Guest, Mrs Harding, Mrs Marsh, Rev EM Bald as chairman) was formed to go into details with the Architect. A letter of appeal for the Building Fund to be drafted and used as authority for making appeals. Canon Phillipps kindly offered to type the letters.

Mrs Rugman, Alveston, admitted 10 June at 30/- a week plus 30/- maternity fee.

Mrs Harry Maggs, Frampton Cotterell, admitted 10 June at 15/- a week.

Mrs Rutter, Moorend, admitted 10 June to the private ward at 3gns a week. Her baby boy was born the same day.

Mrs Harding, Winterbourne, admitted 7 June at 30/- a week plus 30/- maternity fee. Her baby girl was born 8 June.

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