Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

Mrs Gingell died 3 April. EM Bald

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Mrs Gingell died 3 April.

EM Bald.
1 May 1933 Rev EM Bald, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Harding, Mrs Marsh, Mrs Skelton, Mrs Guest, Miss Tyler, Dr Crossman, Mrs Alston.

Phyllis Morton had only paid 5/- & said that it was all she was entitled to. Dr Crossman felt the case ought to be enquired into, as he did not know of any insurance sum of 5/-.

Mrs Bullock, Hambrook, admitted 22 April at 15/- a week.

Mrs Ernest Fidler, Frenchay, admitted 25 April at 12/6 a week.

Mr Hood’s assessment reduced from 21/- to 15/- a week.

Extension Plans: Mr Dening’s plans were viewed. Dr Crossman considered that they were too elaborate and that £1000 was more than could be raised. He proposed that the scheme was too big to undertake at the moment. The motion was lost. The rest of the Committee felt that it was absolutely necessary to enlarge the kitchen and have a new range. Proposed that the scheme be modified to include the fixing of a new kitchen range, the removal of partition between scullery & kitchen & fixing the ideal boiler outside the kitchen. Carried.

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