Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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Mrs Violet Brown, Iron Acton, admitted 14 Feb for confinement, at 30/- a week plus 30/- maternity fee.

Mrs W Blanch, Latteridge, Iron Acton, admitted 19 Feb at 1gn a week.

Mrs McNabb, Fishponds, admitted 20 Feb at 1gn a week.

Mrs Serle discharged 18 Feb.

Mrs Beake discharged 10 Feb.

Mr FC Vowles discharged 11 Feb .

EM Bald.
6 March 1933 Rev EM Bald, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Guest, Mrs Harding, Mrs Marsh, Mrs Skelton, Mrs Tanner, Miss Tyler, Mrs Alston.

A second hand operating table form St Mary’s Hospital was mentioned, but no steps taken in the absence of a statement from the Medical Director.

Kitchen Range: after inspection by Mr Board, his opinion was that the present range was quite wrongly fixed and a new Eagle range should be fitted; and the re-arrangement of the Ideal boiler and pipework, also a new Classic boiler to be fitted which would supply radiators in the wards. The Committee decided that a bigger kitchen, a nurse’s bedroom and an airing cupboard were necessary. Plans to be drawn up.

The old boards containing the names of Life Governors and Legacies were in bad repair and unworthy of this hospital. Three new boards to be made: 2 with black lettering provided out of hospital funds; 1 with names carved to be provided by public subscription.

Lizzie Lloyd discharged 5 March, had paid £2 for 4 weeks.

Frankie Turner discharged 1 March, has paid 15/- altogether.

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