Minutes of Meetings of House Committee – 1926 1935

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William Llewellin of Hillside, Stoke Gifford, admitted 24 March and assessed at his Health Insurance.

Phyllis Norton of Frenchay admitted 26 March and assessed at her Health Insurance.

Edward Barton of 10 Council Houses, Frenchay, admitted 1 April and assessed at his Health Insurance.

Charles Clark discharged 31 March.

Mr Yeoman kindly undertook to look round the outside of the building with the view of getting tenders for the necessary work.

GV Guise.
Monday 20 April 1931 Miss Guise, Mrs Bowen, Mrs Harding, Mr Yeoman.

Herbert John Labercombe admitted 17 April from the BGH and assessed at 21/- to be paid by the BGH.

5 tenders for outside painting were considered and that of Mr ERM Ford of Winterbourne Down for £28/5/- accepted.

The hospitals of Berkeley, Almondsbury, Chipping Sodbury and Hambrook agree to allot 3 beds each, including maternity cases, to the Public Assistance Committee’s scheme, provided they had the use of them when not required. The other 3 hospitals were prepared to build if the funds were forthcoming, but Hambrook, owing to its position, is unable to build.

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