Minutes for the Meeting of Monday, November 4

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204 E. Muskegon Cedar Springs, MI 49319

616-696-7320 www.csaparksandrec.com
Minutes for the Meeting of Monday, November 4th, 2013 @ 7:00 pm

Members Present:

Members Absent:

Deb Brunett

Morgan Kehoe

Leigha Compson

Courtland Representative

Patricia Eary

Courtland Representative

Stephanie Morris - CHAIR

Solon Representative

Sally Smith

Mark Tabor

Shannon Vanderhyde

Betty VanderWal

  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm by Stephanie Morris, chair

  2. The agenda was approved as motioned by Shannon Vanderhyde and supported by Betty VanderWal. Aye all – motion carried

  3. Correspondence: A thank you card was received thanking the board for choosing Blue Sky to design the website.

  4. Public Comments: None

  5. Consent Agenda: The consent agenda was motioned to be approved with the changes (the November bill to the Cedar Springs Post was $170 instead of $145 due to placing another ad) as motioned by Shannon Vanderhyde and supported by Sally Smith. Aye all – motion carried.

    1. Approval of Minutes from the Regular Meeting of Monday, October 7th, 2013

    2. Approve Financial/Banking Statements

    3. Approve Tax Filings (941 Deposit)

    4. Approve Payment of November 2013 Bills

  1. Informational and Discussion Items

  1. Director’s Monthly Report

              1. Fall Programs

                1. This is the first time so many fall programs have been offered to the community.

                2. The CPR Certification course had to be cancelled due to low enrollment as only one person signed up.

                3. The Basic Computers class is still running despite the enrollment of only one participant.

                4. The Babysitting Instruction course is going well with about 13 participants, mainly comprised of 4th graders.

                5. Other future classes were discussed such as specialized weight and yoga classes including pediatric yoga. An inquiry was made regarding self-defense for women and the director is currently following up to identify possible instructors.

              2. Technology Update

                1. Database: The database has been installed and after the training is schedule to be completed, the login information will be supplied for use.

                2. Mobile/Texting: The board discussed the various design options and voted on the white one with the icons that look more like “apps”

                3. Online Payments: 137 users have been logged in using the credit card since going live in the spring, with about 22 users in the past month.

              3. CSPS Update: Calendar scheduling conflicts continue to result in administrative time to reschedule spaces and cascade communication to those affected. Although the implementation of a school calendar has helped significantly, the school gets priority over parks and rec events. The biggest challenge seems to be that the calendar does not have functionality to alert users to scheduling conflicts. The board discussed whether there might be a need to train school personnel on how to use the calendar or to inform the public of its existence. Sometimes parks and rec personnel are unsure of who to contact in the event of scheduling conflicts.

              4. Community Building Update: The group continues to talk to various organizations to share ideas and encourage involvement. The next meeting is scheduled for 11/19/13 at Solon Center Wesleyan Church.

  1. Other: The board discussed an order of t-shirts that include the new logo. Interest was expressed in charcoal gray, beige, and baby blue.

  1. Action Items: None

  2. Confirm Next Meeting Date of Monday, December 4th, 2013 at 7:00pm

  3. Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 pm as motioned by Shannon Vanderhyde and supported by Mark Tabor. Aye all – motion carried.

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