Minor in Diversity Studies in American Culture Plan of Study/Minor Requirements Audit Sheet

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Minor in Diversity Studies in American Culture

Plan of Study/Minor Requirements Audit Sheet

NOTE: Completion of a minor requires that a student earn a C (2.0) or better in each of the required courses for that minor. A maximum of 3 credits towards the minor may be transfer credits of courses equivalent to University of Connecticut courses. Substitutions are not possible for required courses in a minor.

15 credit hours of courses taken across CLAS departments. No more than one course in Diversity Studies can be counted towards both the student’s major and the Diversity Studies in American Culture minor. No more than two courses may be taken within a single department. Classes not listed below, such as three-credit “Special Topics” courses, may be used to fulfill Diversity Studies requirements with the approval of the Director of Diversity Studies in American Culture. (If possible, students should seek such permission before taking the course.)
A) One required three-credit course: INTD 241: Introduction to Diversity Studies in American Culture.
B) To fulfill the twelve remaining credits, students must take four courses which must include at least one from each of the following categories:
I. Gender, Physicality, and Sexual Identities

DRAM 230 Women in Theatre

ENGL 269 Introduction to LGTB Literature

ENGL 285 Women in Literature

HDFS 201 Diversity Issues in Human Development and Family Studies

HDFS 259 Men and Masculinity: A Social Psychological Perspective

POLS 204/WS 204 Women and Politics

PRLS 231/WS 259 Fictions of Latino Masculinity

PRLS 251/HDFS 268 Latinos: Sexuality and Gender

PSYC 246/246W/WS 246/246W Psychology of Women

SOCI 221/AASI 221 Sociological Perspectives on Asian American Women

SOCI 241/WS 241 Women and Health

SOCI 245/245W Sociology of Sexualities

SOCI 252/252W Sociology of Gender

WS 252 Genders and Sexualities

WS 266 Women and Ethnicity: Changing Roles in a Changing Society

WS 267 Women and Poverty

WS 269 The Women’s Movement

II. Ethnicity, Culture, and Race

AASI 201 Introduction to Asian American Studies

DRAM 231/231W African-American Theatre

ENGL 261/PRLS 232 Latina/o Literature

ENGL 262/PRLS 233 Studies in Latina/o Literature

ENGL 272 Native American Literature

ENGL 274/AASI 274 Asian American Literature

ENGL 276 Black American Writers I

ENGL 277 Black American Writers II

ENGL 278W Ethnic Literature of the United States

PRLS 210 Contemporary Issues in Latino Studies

PRLS 230/WS 258 Latina Narrative

PSYC 270/270W Black Psychology

PSYC 275 Introduction to Multicultural Psychology

PSYC 276 Social Psychology of Multiculturalism

SOCI/AFAM/HRTS 235 African Americans and Social Protest

SOCI/AFAM/HRTS 236 White Racism

SOCI/AFAM 240/240W Ethnicity and Race

SOCI/JUDS 242/242W American Jewry

SOCI 243/243W Prejudice and Discrimination

III. History and Politics

HIST 215/WS 215 History of Women and Gender in the United States, 1790-Present

HIST 237 American Indian History

HIST 238 African American History to 1865

HIST 246 African American History Since 1865

HIST 268/AASI 268 Japanese Americans and World War II

HIST 278/PRLS 220 History of Latinos/as in the US

HIST 284/PRLS 221 Latinos/as and Human Rights

HIST 294/AASI 294 Asian-American Experience Since 1850

POLS 247/WS 247 Black Feminist Politics

POLS 248 African American Politics

POLS 249 Latino Political Behavior

SOCI 268/268W Class, Power, and Inequality

Name of Student: ______________________

I approve the above program for the (B.A.) Minor in Diversity Studies in American Culture
(signed) _________________________ Director, Diversity Studies in American Culture
Give one copy of this form to your departmental advisor along with your final Plan of Study, one copy to the Director of Diversity Studies in American Culture, and one signed copy to the Registrar when you submit your final Plan of Study 

Minor Advisor_____________________

Department _______________________

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