Minnesota Open 2008: Post-Colonial Collapse Disorder Packet by Matt Lafer, Ryan Westbrook, and Evan Nagler (featuring Charles Meigs) Edited by Rob Carson, Andrew Hart, Gautam Kandlikar, Charles Meigs, and Bernadette Spencer Tossups

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complementary goods [accept word forms]
5. They include Two Young People Laughing at a Man and Two Old Women Eating from a Bowl. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this series of paintings made in the Quinta del Sordo.

ANSWER: the Black Paintings [or las Pinturas negras]

[10] The most colorful of Goya's Black Paintings, the background of this work is a seascape, and the foreground features two men hitting each other while knee-deep in the ocean.

ANSWER: “Duel with Cudgels” [or “Fight with Cudgels” or “Duel with Clubs” or “Fight with Clubs” (basically accept anything involving fighting with sticks) or Riña a garrotazos]

[10] Another of the Black Paintings shows this type of animal drowning.

ANSWER: a dog [accept equivalents]
6. This poem was first published as “A Child’s Reminiscence,” and after it was attacked, its author responded with an anonymous piece in the Saturday Press entitled “All About a Mocking-Bird.” For 10 points each:

[10] Name this poem in which a boy meets two birds from Alabama on Paumanok’s gray shore, and the sea repeatedly whispers to him the “delicious word death.”


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