Minnesota Open 2008: Post-Colonial Collapse Disorder Packet by Matt Lafer, Ryan Westbrook, and Evan Nagler (featuring Charles Meigs) Edited by Rob Carson, Andrew Hart, Gautam Kandlikar, Charles Meigs, and Bernadette Spencer Tossups

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Wilhelm I [or William I]
11. Answer the following about that Jesus guy, for 10 points each.

[10] The Passion generally begins with Jesus' arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane and his trial, where he is brought before this man, the high priest of the Sanhedrin.

ANSWER: Caiaphas [Yosef Bar Kayafa]

[10] While Jesus is carrying the cross to Calvary, this woman wipes his bloody face, causing a spooky apparition to appear on the cloth.

ANSWER: Saint Veronica [or Berenice]

[10] This guy is plucked out of the crowd by the Roman soldiers and forced to help Jesus carry the cross. In some Gnostic and Islamic interpretations, this man secretly replaced Jesus on the cross.

ANSWER: Simon of Cyrene
12. This value can be estimated for a gas using a Standing-Katz chart. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this quantity plotted on the Y axis of Nelson Obert charts. It is denoted Z, and equals 1 in the case of an ideal gas, but deviates from 1 as the gas becomes increasingly non-ideal.


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