Minnesota Open 2008: Post-Colonial Collapse Disorder Packet by Matt Lafer, Ryan Westbrook, and Evan Nagler (featuring Charles Meigs) Edited by Rob Carson, Andrew Hart, Gautam Kandlikar, Charles Meigs, and Bernadette Spencer Tossups

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[10] Despite not knowing Russian, Pritchett wrote a biography of this writer entitled The Gentle Barbarian. You might know this fellow better for novels like Smoke and collections like A Sportsman’s Sketches.

ANSWER: Ivan Turgenev

[10] Pritchett’s 1954 travelogue Spanish Temper drew heavily upon this earlier work by George Orwell, which recounts Orwell’s observations during the Spanish Civil War.

ANSWER: Homage to Catalonia
10. Answer these questions about the Pig War, for 10 points each.

[10] General William Harney, who sent troops to the San Juan Islands, was later involved in negotiating a truce with Sterling Price of this state during the Civil War. This state saw the Camp Jackson Affair and had a Confederate-sympathizing governor in Claiborne Fox Jackson.

ANSWER: Missouri

[10] This man saw action in the Pig War, commanding 66 9th Infantry troops. He also commanded the construction of Fort Bellingham, and later led a famous charge at Gettysburg.

ANSWER: George E. Pickett

[10] The arbitration of the San Juan Islands dispute was decided by this man, who fought at Bar-sur-Aube against Napoleon, was known as the “Prince of Grapeshot,” and was seriously wounded by the assassin K.E. Nobiling.

ANSWER: Kaiser

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