Ministry of Defence agencies and organisations part two of two

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Ministry of Defence agencies and organisations
part two of two
Defence agencies now provide the bulk of defence support. They already employ 30,000 Service personnel and 63,000 civilian staff, as well as contractors, and account for over a quarter of the defence budget.

Agencies are here to stay. They are the cutting edge of the drive for improved management and greater efficiency in defence.

The following is a list of contact points for defence agencies and organisations (with email addresses where pertinent) to assist organisations seeking to do business with the MoD.
Defence Storage and Distribution Agency (DSDA)

The DSDA provides the Armed Forces with storage and distribution services. The Agency has secure open and covered storage facilities located nationwide with excellent road and rail links, and a wide range of logistic and materiel handling skills and expertise. Operations are geared to normal and surge requirements.


Ploughley Road

Lower Arncott


Oxon OX25 2LD

Tel: 01869 256804

Fax: 01869 256818


Defence Suppliers Service (DSS)

The DSS provides advice and guidance to suppliers seeking to sell to the Ministry of Defence.

Defence Suppliers Service

Ministry of Defence

Maple 2b #2233

Abbey Wood

Bristol BS34 8JH

Tel: 0117 913 2844 or

Call Free 0800 282 324
Defence Technology Centres (DTCs)

Collaboration for enhanced UK defence capability.

DTCs are world-class centres of excellence conducting innovative, cutting-edge research for enhanced UK defence capability to ensure the continuing availability of sound technical advice and advanced and affordable technology to support mission-successful defence capabilities.

Early access to advanced technology is essential for the UK Armed Forces to retain a decisive edge over potential opponents. The need to keep that edge is reflected in the MoD’s overarching science and technology (S&T) objective.

Experience has shown that, for many emerging technologies, a high payoff for UK defence is best achieved by collaboration within the broader UK science and technology community. Such collaboration means better equipment for the MoD, more competitive products for industry and more opportunity for academia to exploit its ideas.

Defence Technology Centres

Building A14

Dstl Fort Halstead


Kent TN14 7BP

Tel: 01959 892836

Fax: 01959 892833

Defence Transport and Movements Agency (DTMA)

Building 211

Monxton Road


Hampshire SP11 8HT

Tel: 01264 382067

Fax: 01264 382881
Defence Vetting Agency (DVA)

The DVA is responsible for carrying out, and maintaining, national security checks on military and civilian staff employed by the MoD, private sector personnel employed on defence-related work, and staff in a number of other government departments.

The Agency is the largest government organisation carrying out security checks on people, conducting around 140,000 checks and clearances each year.

Its aim is to carry out security checks on people in the armed services, the MoD civil service, certain other government departments, and in the defence industry. Agency staff check that people are suitable to hold security clearances which give them access to military installations, valuable assets and sensitive information.

Defence Vetting Agency

Building 107

Imphal Barracks

Fulford Road

York YO10 4AS

Tel: 01904 662616

Fax: 01904 665820


DG Commercial Organisation

DG Commercial provides advice on a wide range of commercial issues to the Defence Procurement Agency, the Defence Logistics Organisation, and to all other Top Level Budget Holders in the Ministry of Defence.

Defence Commercial

Defence Procurement Agency

Abbey Wood #2219

Abbey Wood

Bristol BS34 8JH

Fax: 0117 913 2920

Directorate for Broadening Smart Acquisition (DBSA)

The DBSA was formed from the Public Private Partnership Unit (PPPU) in April 2002. It is one of four pillars of the Director General Smart Acquisition.


2nd Floor OPA

St Giles Court

St Giles High Street

London WC2H 8LD

Fax: 020 7218 0223

Disposal Services Agency (DSA)

The DSA supports and advises on the disposal phase of the through–life management of equipment within the Department. The Agency uniquely offers a comprehensive portfolio covering everything from advice and consultancy to the provision of a total managed service. Their dedicated contractors not only supply a collect-to-dispose service, but also offer a wide range of refurbished items for sale.

Disposal Services Agency

7th Floor

Hercules House

6 Hercules Road

London SE1 7DJ

Tel: 020 7261 8826

Duke of York’s Royal Military School

Founded in 1803, the Duke of York’s Royal Military School educates the children of serving and retired military personnel. A leading independent boarding school, it provides a unique education for

11-18-year-old children of those who have served for a minimum of four years on regular engagements in the UK Armed Forces.

Duke of York’s Royal Military School


Kent CT15 5EQ

Tel: 01304 245024

Fax: 01304 245019

Hydrographic Office (UKHO)

Responsible for surveying the seas around the UK and other areas to aid navigation, the UKHO is a Government Trading Fund and part of the Ministry of Defence. Its main activities are the provision of navigational products and services to the Royal Navy and to the merchant marine, to enable ships to comply with UN Safety Of Life

At Sea (SOLAS) regulations.

Based in Taunton, the UKHO employs nearly 900 people across a range of specialisms including chart compilation and production, navigational textual editing and publishing, physical oceanography, geodesy, and law of the sea.

United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

Admiralty Way

Taunton TA1 2DN

Tel: 01823 337900

International Visits Control Office (IVCO)

The IVCO provides security clearance and advice for visitors to and from the UK defence industry.

IVCO is divided into three sections: HQ Sy5c1 (Outward Visits);

HQ Sy5c2 (Inward Visits); & HQ Sy5c3 (Visits Automation).

The role of IVCO in relation to UK industry is to:

• Assist UK contractors in obtaining security clearances for visits overseas, which will allow them access to the Protectively Marked (Classified) information of another country or to enter a ‘restricted area’ within that country.

• Establish and maintain records of the staff of UK companies to meet requests for Security Assurances from foreign governments or international defence organisations.

• Act as a focal point to ascertain the permitted level of access to UK Protectively Marked (Classified) material by overseas visitors to UK industry.

• Simplify the procedures for issuing Security Assurances and for transmitting them to the appropriate authorities.


Medical Supplies Agency (MSA)

The role of the MSA is to ensure that medical, dental and veterinary material blood and blood products, technical and medical logistics support, and trained personnel are provided to the UK Armed Forces worldwide. Currently 280,000 issues a year – from aspirins to entire containerised operating theatres – are made around the clock from an inventory of 10,500 items.

Defence Medical Equipment Depot

Drummond Barracks

Andover SP1 9RU

Tel: 01264 798622

Meteorological Office (Met Office)

The Met Office provides weather forecasting services in the UK and worldwide. It is one of the world’s leading providers of environmental and weather-related services.

Met Office

London Road


Berkshire RG12 2SZ

Tel: 0845 300 0300

Fax: 0845 300 1300

Ministry of Defence Police

Responsible for providing effective policing of the Defence Estate in common with other police forces, the MoD Police uphold the law fairly and firmly; prevent crime; pursue and bring to justice those who break the law; protect the community; and are seen to do all this with integrity, common sense and sound judgement.

They must be compassionate, courteous and patient, acting without fear or favour or prejudice to the rights of others. They need to be professional, calm and restrained in the face of violence and apply only that force which is necessary to accomplish their lawful duty. They must strive to reduce the fears of the public and, so far as they can, to reflect their priorities in the action they take.




Essex CM7 4AZ

Tel: 01371 854000

Naval Bases and Supply Agency

Management Suite

C Block, Ensleigh

Bath BA1 5AB

Tel: 01225 467 707

Fax: 01225 468 307

Naval Manning Agency (NMA)

The NMA ensures that sufficient manpower is available on the trained strength and deployed effectively in peace, transition to war or war.

Victory Building

HM Naval Base


Hampshire PO1 3LS

Tel: 023 9272 7422
Naval Recruiting and Training Agency (NRTA)

The NRTA recruits to the Naval Service, and trains and develops personnel throughout their subsequent careers.

Victory Building

HM Naval Base


Hampshire PO1 3LS

Tel: 023 9272 7600
Non Project Procurement Organisation (NPPO)

The NPPO has been formed to manage the supply of general stores to the Ministry of Defence.

DLO Coperacre Site

Joint Services Corsham

Park Lane

Corsham SN19 9WR

Tel: 01225 813477

Fax: 01225 813172

Pay & Personnel Agency (PPA)

The PPA provides a pay and personnel information service to the MoD and other customers in the public sector.

PO Box 99

Bath BA1 1YT

Tel: 01225 828105

Fax: 01225 828728

Queen Victoria School


Perthshire FK15 0JY

Tel: 01786 822288

RAF Logistics Support Services

PO Box 70


Cambridgeshire PE17 2PY

Tel: 01480 446961

Fax: 01480 446747

RAF Personnel Management Agency (RAF PMA)

The PMA enables the RAF to meet its manpower commitments in war, crisis, tension and peace.

HQ Personnel & Training Command

RAF Innsworth

Gloucestershire GL3 1EZ

Tel: 01452 712612

RAF Signals Engineering Establishment

RAF Henlow

Bedfordshire SG16 6DN

Tel: 01462 851515 ext 6071

Fax: 01462 851515 ext 4517
RAF Training Group Defence Agency (RAF TGDA)

The TGDA provides flying and ground training to meet the operational requirements of the RAF.


RAF Innsworth

Gloucestershire GL3 1EZ

Tel: 01452 712612

Fax: 01452 510825
Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS)

The UK’s senior defence academic institution, the RCDS brings together students – both military and civilian – from all over the world.

The most prestigious institution of its kind in the world, the College brings together high fliers – both military and civilian, selected by their governments – from every corner of the globe for a year-long international relations and security course. Ready and privileged access to leading international academics, statesmen, government officials and captains of industry ensures intellectual and professional development of the highest quality.


Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS)

The RMAS was formed in 1947. It was descended from two older institutions, the Royal Military Academy (RMA) and the Royal Military College (RMC).

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst


Surrey GU15 4PQ

Tel: 01276 63344


Royal School of Artillery (RSA)

The Royal School of Artillery is the British Army’s Centre of Excellence for artillery training. Located at Larkhill, 10 miles to the north of Salisbury, Wiltshire, the RSA is ideally located on the southern edge of Salisbury Plain, the premier live-fire training area in the UK.

The School is an Operating Division of the Army Training and Recruiting Agency (ATRA) and offers artillery technical and career training.

Royal School of Artillery

Larkhill, Salisbury

Wiltshire SP4 8QT

Tel: 01980 845578


Service Children’s Education (SCE)

SCE provides education for dependant children residing with MoD personnel serving outside the UK, and advice and support to Service parents on maintained and independent schools provision in the UK.



Tel: 0049 2161 908 2295

Strategic and Combat Studies Institute (SCSI)

The SCSI is an MoD-sponsored but independent organisation that brings together on a regular basis those interested in defence studies and related fields. Members of the Institute meet at a series of academic seminars held each year and receive SCSI papers on publication.

Its objectives are to:

• Act as a forum and catalyst for discussion and debate.

• Sponsor and manage official non-technical research on strategic, operational and combat-related issues affecting present and possible future concerns of the Armed Services.

• Help and encourage officers in the preparation and publication of their work.

• Establish a research and information retrieval database between a number of relevant national and international organisations.

The Institute holds regular seminars and academic dinners, providing the opportunity for discussion of defence issues with leading writers and practitioners. The Institute also publishes papers as part of the Occasional series of papers.


Building 370

Trenchard Lines


Wiltshire SN9 6BE

Tel: 01980 615046

Fax: 01980 615304

Email: def.studies.dgd&

UK National Codification Bureau (UK NCB)

The UK NCB is the MoD’s National Codification Bureau and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the NATO Codification System (NCS) within the UK. The UK NCB is situated in the centre of Glasgow.


Customer Focus Team

Kentigern House, Room 2423

65 Brown Street

Glasgow G2 8EX

Fax: 0141 224 2083


Veterans Agency

Formerly the War Pensions Agency, the Veterans Agency is responsible for veterans’ affairs, including war and service pensions, service records, military graves, medals and welfare issues.

An Executive Agency of the Ministry of Defence, the Agency’s mission is to deliver modern, high-quality, customer-focused services to war disablement pensioners, war widows, their dependants and carers and other veterans; and to deliver them consistently, efficiently and effectively in recognition of the many extraordinary and unique personal sacrifices made in defence of the nation.

Tomlison House

Government Buildings


Blackpool FY5 3WP

Tel: 01253 866043


Warship Support Agency (WSA)

The WSA provides logistic support to the Fleet and to other

in-service maritime elements of the Armed Services.

The Agency was formed on 2 April 2001 by the merger of the majority of the Naval Bases and Supply Agency (NBSA) and the Ships Support Agency (SSA), both of which were part of the former Naval Support Command, and, since 1 April 2000, the Defence Logistics Organisation.

The Agency was created following a detailed study into the costs associated with maintaining and upgrading the fleets of the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary. The merger removes the rather artificial organisational divide that existed between the SSA’s ‘decider’ and the NBSA’s ‘provider’ functions for delivering maritime materiel support.

The new Agency provides the best possible means of delivering improvements in materiel support to the UK’s maritime-based Armed Forces and helps to ensure that the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary have the most capable ships, submarines and naval base services they need, in times of both crisis and peace.

Warship Support Agency

Room A19, Block B

DLO Foxhill

Bath BA1 5AB

Tel: 0117 913 9351


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