Ministry of agriculture and ministry of public works smallholder tree crop revitalization support project

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For the most part, the proposed project impacts will be beneficial, or at least neutral. Where there are potential adverse impacts, these can be avoided by careful management which includes full awareness of the potential for the adverse impact and ‘best practice’ implementation of all activities. This will require all stakeholders to be fully trained and supported as envisaged in the proposed program.


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OP 4.01 - Environmental Assessment,

OP 4.04 - Natural Habitat,

OP 4.09 - Pest Management,

OP 4.11 - Physical and Cultural Resources

OP4.12I - Involuntary Resettlement and

OP 4.36 - Forests

Detailed field study schedule




July 10 - Su

Day 1

Mobilization – travel to Monrovia

July 11 - M

Day 2

Monrovia - Meet with Client/Key officials – discuss/agree schedule - collect relevant documents - Commence document review

July 12 Tu

Day 3

Monsarado/Margibi/Bong – Morning visit MARCO Concession – meeting with officials and villagers who have been allocated 1000 acres of the MARCO Concession for smallholder rubber development. Afternoon visit to Salala Rubber company to meet the Concession and ascertain locality of target smallholders. Overnight in Monrovia

July 13 – W

Day 4

Monsarado/Margibi – Morning visit to Stakeholder village and planned development location on MARCO Concession.

July 14 – Th

Day 5

Grand Bassa – Morning meeting with Equatorial Palm Oil management in Monrovia, then travel to Buchanan. Afternoon visit to target Smallholder area adjacent to Equatorial Palm Oil Concession and meeting with stakeholders in District 1. Overnight in Buchanan

July 15 - F

Day 6

Grand Bassa – Morning meeting with Country Officials and Smallholder representatives in Buchanan. Afternoon visit to EPO Plantation to meet Estate Manager and inspect factory and plantation. Overnight Buchanan

July 16 - Sa

Day 7

Bong – Travel to Gbarnga via Botata – visit to Cocoa farm in village of Abel Suah, then meeting with Smallholders attending an IITA Training session in a Cocoa garden in the village of Kponyea. Overnight in Gbarnga.

July 17 – Su

Day 8

Bong – Non-travel day – review and reporting. Overnight in Gbarnga

July 18 - M

Day 9

Bong – Morning field visit to cocoa growing area and meeting with Country Officials and Cocoa Farmers. Afternoon travel to Nimba. Overnight Saclepea

July 19 - T

Day 10

Nimba – Morning field visit to Zayglay for meeting with Kpodo Farmers Cooperative Members and visit to a Cocoa Garden, then to Tingbein for a Stakeholder meeting and visit to a Cocoa Garden. Afternoon travel to Grand Gedah and meeting with Palm Oil Smallholder of Amenu Farmers Cooperative Society and the Manager of the AEI Plantation at Zleh Town. Overnight night in Zwedru

July 20 - W

Day 11

Maryland – Morning travel to Pleebo. Afternoon meeting with Smallholder Development Office at the Cavalla Rubber Corporation, then meeting with the County Agricultural Office in Harper. Overnight in Pleebo.

July 21 - Th

Day 12

River Gee – Morning meeting with Deputy Manager of CRC, then travel to River Gee for meeting with Commissioner and Smallholder Rubber Stakeholders at Freetown village. Overnight in Zwedru

July 22 - F

Day 13

Travel Zwedru to Monrovia

July 23, 24, 25, 26, 27

Day 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Monrovia – prepare stakeholder/field trip reports, additional meetings with Monrovia based stakeholders to fill information gaps, prepare zero draft ESMF, commence impact assessment Meet with Key Monrovia based Stakeholders. RWB departs Liberia on July 27th.

July 28 to Aug 5

Day 19, 20,21,22,23,24, 25, 26, 27

Monrovia – PAT – prepare stakeholder/field trip reports, additional meetings with Monrovia based stakeholders to fill information gaps, field visits to Stakeholders of Salala Rubber Corporation, Bong. PAT departs Liberia on August 5th.

Aug 6 - 7

Days 28-29

Home – Finalize and submit Workshop and Zero Reports

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