Military history: the gunpowder revolution

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Read the packet provided concerning the Gunpowder Revolution. Read it carefully as it will serve as a transition from the Middle Ages to the Napoleonic Era, a time span of nearly 350 years! Once finished, complete the questions in complete to summarize important knowledge drawn from this packet.

Part I: Questions (4 points each)

1. How do historians believe gunpowder was discovered and what exactly is it?

2. What are the differences between a “hand cannon” and a “matchlock”?

3. What is “rifling” and what role did it play in the development of gunpowder weaponry?

4. What are the differences between a “matchlock” and a “flintlock”?

5. Describe how early gunpowder weapons, such as the Arquebus, were used most effectively in combat.

6. Describe the purpose, use, and evolving technology of muzzle-loaded, smoothbore cannon from the late 15th to 19th century.

7. What role did gunpowder and other technological advancements in warfare play in transforming societies and the nature of warfare in this era?

8. What were some effects of the challenges posed by the use of cannons on the battlefield?

9. Describe the effect of gunpowder technology upon naval warfare and provide some examples.

10. Based on what you have read, discuss the +/- of early gunpowder weaponry and speculate why armies of the time continued using and developing them.

Download 5.72 Kb.

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