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Civilian means non-military

Collins English Dictionary No Date


In a military situation, civilian is used to describe people or things that are not military....the country's civilian population.sɪˈvɪljən ADJECTIVE

Civilian is non-military

Institute of International Law 69

(Institute of International Law is an organization devoted to the study and development of international law, whose membership comprises the world's leading public international lawyers. In 1904 the Institute received the Nobel Peace Prize, “The Distinction between Military Objectives and Non-Military Objectives in General and Particularly the Problems Associated with Weapons of Mass Destruction,” Edinburgh, 9 September 1969.

3. Neither the civilian population nor any of the objects expressly protected by conventions or agreements can be considered as military objectives, nor yet (a) under whatsoever circumstances the means indispensable for the survival of the civilian population,

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