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Shields the link—election year

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Shields the link—election year

Cost cutting unpopular with either party during election year

Defense Industry News 14 (Defense program acquisition news, budget data, market briefings, June 26 2014, "FY15 US Defense Budget Finally Complete with War Funding",

May 23/14: SASC NDAA. The Senate Committee on Armed Services completed external link its markup for the FY15 NDAA bill (S2410 external link) and approved it 25-1. Like their House counterparts they tinker with many of the Administration’s attempted cuts (A-10s, C-130 AMP and so forth), as per the committee highlights external link [PDF]. Cost cutting looks unlikely to receive much Congressional support during an election year, especially as forecasters say Democrats are far from guaranteed to keep their Senate majority while Republicans are safe in the House (update: though which Republicans those will be seems a more open question after Eric Cantor’s unexpected primary loss on June 10).

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