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Energy Projects

Doesn’t need to request money from Congress—up-front appropriations and alternative-financing mechanisms solve

GAO 12 (US Government Accountability Office, April 4 2012, "RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECT FINANCING: Improved Guidance and Information Sharing Needed for DOD Project-Level Officials ",

To finance renewable energy projects, the military services use up-front appropriations, such as operation and maintenance funds, and alternative-financing approaches that generally rely on private capital, such as arranging financing and implementing a project with a private developer or utility. The military services have funded about 85 percent of nearly 600 projects that were in design, under construction, or operating in fiscal year 2011 with up-front appropriations, but financed 8 of the 9 large-scale projects and 19 of the 57 medium-scale projects with alternative financing. Several factors affect the military services’ use of financing approaches, including perceived benefits and drawbacks such as how long it takes to obtain funding.

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