Military cp—Wave 1 Neg

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Military CP—Wave 1



The counterplan can be done by either the Navy of the Department of Defense. Remember that any Navy specific evidence can also be read with the DOD CP because the Navy is a division of the DoD.
There are several versions of the CP

  1. Have the US DOD do the plan

  2. Have the US Navy do the plan

  3. Have the DOD upgrade specific parts of its satellites

    1. This Counterplan is specific to mapping affs. DoD satellites solve best because they have polar orbit, whereas US civilian satellites are geostationary. Geostationary orbits circle Earth at the same rate as the Earth spins so the satellites can only monitor low latitudes. Geostationary satellites also offer significantly lower spatial resolution because they are farther away from Earth. Polar satellites can see all of Earth at higher resolutions. That makes them better for measuring ozone concentrations or measuring temperatures in the atmosphere.


Text: The United States Department of Defense should <>


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