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The DOD is key to Stability and U.S. primacy in the arctic

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The DOD is key to Stability and U.S. primacy in the arctic

Francis 14 – David, Reporter for the Fiscal Times, The Race for Arctic Oil: Advantage Russia vs. U.S.,, 6/27/14 BRoche

The Arctic hasn’t been strategically important to the Pentagon since the Cold War, when missile were tested there and U.S. and Soviet submarines patrolled its waters. But DOD stopped paying attention to the region when the Iron Curtain fell. As Arctic ice receded and the region became strategically important, DOD shifted its attention back north. Las November, it released a new Arctic strategy outlining American interests in the region. The new strategy calls for the Pentagon to take actions to ensure that American troops could repel an attack against the homeland from a foe based in the Arctic. It’s short on specifics, but calls for increased training to prepare soldiers for fights in Arctic conditions and for collaboration with other federal agencies to determine what ice patterns would look like in the future. The document is careful to point out that the United States was willing to work with allies. However, it makes clear that the Pentagon believes the Arctic is becoming contested territory, and the DOD would act to protect American interests. “Throughout human history, mankind has raced to discover the next frontier. And time after time, discovery was swiftly followed by conflict,” the document reads. “We cannot erase this history. But we can assure that history does not repeat itself in the Arctic."

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