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participating in multilateral exercises like

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participating in multilateral exercises like the Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX) hosted by Greenland, COLD RESPONSE hosted by Norway, and Canada’s Operation NANOOK, or through Defense Environmental International Cooperation Program-supported engagements on Arctic issues). The Department will also evolve its infrastructure and capabilities in step with the changing physical environment in order to ensure security, support safety, promote defense cooperation, and prepare to respond to a wide range of challenges and contingencies in the Arctic in the coming decades. The Department will accomplish its objectives through the following ways: • Exercise sovereignty and protect the homeland; • Engage public and private sector partners to improve domain awareness in the Arctic; • Preserve freedom of the seas in the Arctic; • Evolve Arctic infrastructure and capabilities consistent with changing conditions; • Support existing agreements with allies and partners while pursuing new ones to build confidence with key regional partners; Provide support to civil authorities, as directed; • Partner with other departments and agencies and nations to support human and environmental safety; and • Support the development of the Arctic Council and other international institutions that promote regional cooperation and the rule of law. The Department will apply the four guiding principles from the 2013 National Strategy for the Arctic Region as it pursues these eight ways.9 This means DoD will work with allies,

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