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DOD says yes to renewable energy

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DOD says yes to renewable energy

Carter ’12 – DOD Senior Sustainability Officer Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition Technology and Logistics, (“Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan, FY 2012, LEA

Within the realm of sustainability, the Department’s near-term focus is on facility energy. DoD is pursuing an ambitious facility energy strategy to reduce its $4 billion annual facility energy bill and improve the energy security of its installations. The Department’s facility energy strategy, designed to reduce energy costs and improve the energy security of our fixed installations, has four inter-related elements: reduce the demand for fossil fuels through conservation and improved energy efficiency; expand the supply of renewable energy and other forms of distributed (on-site) energy; enhance the energy security of our installations directly (as well as indirectly, through the first two elements); and leverage advanced technology. The Department budgeted more than $1.1 billion in FY 2013 for energy conservation and efficiency, almost all of which will be directed to retrofits on existing buildings, such as more energy efficient lighting, double-pane windows, energy management control systems, new roofs, and high-efficiency heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Included in these investments is the Energy Conservation Investment Program (ECIP), which DoD is reshaping to support projects that will have a major impact on the Services’ energy efficiency and/or security, but that may not be justified under their internal funding strategies. The Department is also changing the way it will award ECIP funding: in the future, Services will be required to compete with one another for these funds. In addition to direct funding, the Department plans to rely heavily on third parties to finance its investments in energy and water efficiency. DoD set a goal to execute roughly $465 million in energy savings performance contracts and utility energy service contracts in FY 2012 and $718 million in FY 2013.

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