Military Counterplan Notes

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Military Counterplan


This file has three distinct counterplans. The first is a consult the DOD version. The net benefit(s) to this are (definitely) the Freedom of navigation DA and (arguably) the NOAA DA and the Politics DA. The second version simply has the DOD do the plan. The net benefits to this are the same, but the politics link shield argument to this version is intuitively stronger. The third is a counterplan to have one branch of the military do the affirmative, with the same net benefits as the second one. You have to insert a specific solvency advocate based on the aff for that version. They can be found under the “solvency” header.

The file is separated into four main sections: 1NCs for each version of the CP, specific solvency cards to answer different affirmatives (for the block or 1NC), Net benefits, and Affirmative answers. Politics and the Freedom of Navigation DA are the strongest net benefits. There’s also a miscellaneous section for a specific mechanisms we explored during this process.

Good luck!

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Download 313.38 Kb.

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