Middle School Update – February 18, 2012 No School on President’s Day

English – Ms. Thurber & Ms. Percy

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English – Ms. Thurber & Ms. Percy

IB 1

IB1 students finished reading Camel Rider today, leaving just enough time for most students to wrap up their character analysis books and plot maps. Next week, we will begin the week discussing our final thoughts on the novel and start composing a compare and contrast analysis paper. Therefore, any lingering book work (books and maps) needs to be turned in before class on Tuesday to allow for enough in-class writing time. 


Additionally, IB1 students focused mostly on clauses for their grammar work. Understanding how dependent and independent clauses work together to build sentences has been a great way for students to see obvious connections between grammar and writing. We will continue building connections with grammar, reading, and writing. 


IB 2 &3

This was the final week for the unit on Shakespeare's Macbeth, so students spent most of their time writing their character

analyses and finishing up their quotation books. The assignment allowed students to pick the characters they wanted to explore in terms of how Shakespeare developed the character and how that character works in the drama. Using their literary analysis vocabulary, students produced three short reports and turned those in along with the character maps they used to take notes on throughout their readings and discussions. They used character maps to collect all sorts of information to use on their reports and the maps also served as visual reminders of each character's role in the play. Each individual's

quotation book served to provide students not only practice for interpreting the text, but also they now have a collection of phrases that they can refer to it whenever they fancy the opportunity to recite a few lines to impress their friends and relatives.


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