Middle School Update – February 18, 2012 No School on President’s Day

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Textiles – Ms. Percy

Students got to meet Bonnie Barcus who raises her own Navajo-Churro sheep, shears them, cards and spins their wool, and weaves traditional style blankets with the wool. She uses a variety of plant materials to dye the yarns, and also makes looms to sell. Bonnie has participated in the Museum Comes to Life at the Idaho State Historical Museum where she provides a loom for people to practice weaving for themselves. She brought in several fleeces of various colors and in various degrees of processing along with samples of the spun yarns both dyed and un-dyed. Bonnie had a rug almost finished on

the small loom she brought for the demonstration, along with some other projects she has made such as a cinch, hatbands, other small rugs, and a rug made by hooking carded wool, which won a big blue

ribbon at the Idaho State Fair last year. Bonnie's unassuming nature helped make the students feel comfortable asking her questions as well as touching the wool and handling the tools that she brought with her. A couple of the students took photographs, so I'll get them to send me copies of those and I'll get them posted on the website on the Textiles page for your viewing pleasure.

The website for Bonnie is



Next week we'll finish up our flag projects in Textiles, so please check with your child to see if they may need some materials for their flag choices. We'll use some recycled fabrics as well as new fabrics,

so any fabric you can donate would be marvelous. Even old garments that are made of mostly cotton and are the color they need would be acceptable. This project is about using their imagination as well as

their skills, so I'll encourage students to take some risks in terms of using fabrics that they might not have thought of as long as it fits the general idea of the project.


Idaho Digital Learning Academy – Mr. Falconer

Students are making progress in their online classes.  Let Mr. Falconer know if you have any questions.



Thanks and have a great weekend!

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