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Literature of the Times – page 31

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Literature of the Times – page 31
The Age of Chaucer
______________________________________________ was known as the “The father of English literature.” He was a poet who demonstrated English’s potential as a literary language. He did so by blending old with new, all in the natural rhythms of Middle English, which was the spoken language of the time.
And English Masterpiece
Chaucer’s best-known work is _______________________________________. It’s a collection of talks ranging from irreverent to inspiration, and held together by a ________________________________ about a group of pilgrims who pass time on their journey to the shrine of Thomas a’ Becket by telling stories. There are 24 tales.
Chaucer lived during time of turmoil in England. He lived just after the Hundred Years War and was still a child when the ______________________________________ broke out, which was known as the _________________________________________. This greatly led to a shortage of population and thus, laborers. In turn, serfs realized their value in the overall feudal system, causing them to leave the land and go to work in towns and on neighboring estates. This led to the growth of the middle class, to which Chaucer’s family belonged.

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