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The Indigenous Communities

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The Indigenous Communities:

The Indigenous People represent nearly 14% of the country’s population. They are among the poorest and the most disadvantaged social group in the country. Illiteracy, unemployment and incidence of poverty are much higher among them than the rest of the population.
IP settlements are remote, without access to basic services, and are characterized by a high incidence of morbidity, mortality and malnutrition.
There are One hundred Ten
(110) major Indigenous groups in the
Philippines. Most of the Indigenous
Peoples depend on traditional swidden agriculture utilizing available upland areas. However, most of these traditional cultivation sites and fallow areas have now been degraded and are further threatened by the influx of migrant farmers who have introduced unsustainable lowland- commercial farming practices. Furthermore, most Indigenous Communities do not have legal recognition over their traditional lands, thus limiting their ability to freely conduct their livelihood activities and are denied access to other natural resources in their communities.

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