Microsoft MechCommander 2 Mission Editor Guide

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MechCommander 2 Mission Editor Guide

Microsoft MechCommander 2
Mission Editor Guide

© 1999–2001 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Notice: The MechCommander 2 Mission Editor ("Editor") is for advanced players. The Editor and the information contained in this document are not supported by Microsoft Product Support Services.

License Terms: Your use of the Editor is governed by the End User License Agreement ("EULA") accompanying MechCommander 2 (the "SOFTWARE PRODUCT"). In addition to those rights and duties described in the EULA, you may use the Editor in conjunction with the content specifically identified in the documentation for use with the Editor. If no content files are identified, you may not use content or other files from the SOFTWARE PRODUCT with the Editor. You may reproduce and share files or scripts created with the Editor with friends or family on a non-commercial basis only. Microsoft does not grant you the right to sell or otherwise distribute files from the SOFTWARE PRODUCT in exchange for value.


Introduction 2

Installing the Mission Editor 2

General Information and Tips 2

Selecting and Canceling Objects or Terrain 2

Camera Control 2

Using the Editor 3

Starting the Mission Editor 3

Creating Custom Missions 3

Menu Bar 5

File Menu 5

Edit Menu 5

View Menu 6

Overlays Menu 6

Terrains Menu 7

Sky Menu 7

Objects Menu 7

Other Menu 9

Erase (E) 9

Damage (D) 9

Repair (R) 9

Flatten (F) 10

Fog (CTRL+F) 10

Light (CTRL+L) 10

Water (CTRL+W) 11

Assign Elevation (CTRL+A) 11

Link (L) 12

Unlink (U) 12

Lay Mines 12

Select Detail Texture 13

Select Water Texture 13

Select Water Detail Texture 13

Texture Tiling Factors 13

Set Base Texture Name 14

Reload Base Texture 14

Forest Tool (T) 14

Edit Forests 16

Select Menu 16

Select (ESC) 16

Select by Slope 16

Select by Altitude 16

Select by Terrain Type 16

Drag Smooth (S) 17

Drag Normal 17

Smooth Radius 17

Alignment Menu 17

Mission Menu 18

Mission Settings 18

Team Settings (Objectives) 19

Player Settings 21

Campaign Menu 22

Campaign Editor 22

Group Dialog Box 23

Mission Dialog Box 24

Playing Your Campaigns and Missions 25

Sharing Your Campaigns and Missions 25

Missions 26

Required Files 26

Optional Files 26

Custom Files (Created by Advanced Players) 26

Campaigns 26

Required Files 26

Optional Files 26

Custom Files (Created by Advanced Players) 27

Creating a Custom Environment 27

Creating Base Terrains 27

Creating Base Textures 28

Creating Detail Textures 28

Creating Water Textures 28

Creating Water Detail Textures 29

Adding Artificial Intelligence (or Brains) to Units 29

Editing the AI Script Variables 31

The EscortBrain.abl File 31

The MoveTo_Guard.abl File 32

The PatrolBrain.abl File 32

The GuardStartPoint.abl File 33

Assigning AI Scripts to Units (Editing a Mission .FIT File) 33

Creating and Editing Purchase Files 34


The MechCommander2 Mission Editor gives you the tools to create your own custom missions and campaigns. You control any or every aspect of the game, from placing ’Mechs, vehicles, and buildings, to creating terrains of forests and oceans, to defining team objectives and rewards, to adding artificial intelligence (or brains) to your units.

Installing the Mission Editor

The Mission Editor is automatically installed on your computer when you install MechCommander 2.

General Information and Tips

This section provides general information that can be helpful when using the Mission Editor.

Selecting and Canceling Objects or Terrain

To select objects or terrain

  • Click an object or block of terrain to select it.

  • Hold down the SHIFT or CTRL key, and then click multiple objects or blocks of terrain to select them as a group.

  • Drag the cursor around multiple objects or blocks of terrain to select them as a group.

When an object is selected, its name, pertinent information, and status bar are displayed beside it. When a block of terrain is selected, it turns purple in color.

To cancel a selection

  • Press the ESC key or right-click the mouse.

Camera Control

To control the camera

  • To zoom in and out, rotate the mouse wheel, or press the PLUS and MINUS keys on the numeric keypad.

  • To change the camera angle, hold down the right mouse button and drag the cursor.

  • To change location, hold down the SPACEBAR and drag the cursor. Also, use the scroll bars, or point to the location on the tactical map (Tac Map) and click.

When gameplay begins, the default camera view faces north and is centered on the first ’Mech placed for Player 1, Team 1.

Download 300.46 Kb.

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