Michigan State University/University of Delaware High School Tournament: Round 5 Tossups

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Helen Burns [accept either underlined portion]
[10] This author of Jane Eyre also described Lucy Snowe’s relationship with M. Paul Emanuel in Villette.
ANSWER: Charlotte Brontë [prompt on “Bronte”, prompt on “Currer Bell”]

13. Due to his Nazi sympathies, this man was sent to the Bahamas during World War II, where he acted as governor. For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this British Monarch who abdicated his throne after less than a year’s reign in 1936.
ANSWER: Edward VIII [or Edward Windsor, prompt on “the Duke of Windsor”, prompt on “Edward”]
[10] Edward gave up the throne because he wished to marry this woman, who would have been unacceptable as queen because she was twice divorced.
ANSWER: Wallis Warfield Simpson [or Duchess of Windsor]
[10] This brother of Edward VIII succeeded him. He helped keep morale high in World War II despite his notable stammer, and he fathered Elizabeth II.

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