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If you thought the 1ac might rubber-stamp some sick shit -- well, you'd be right

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If you thought the 1ac might rubber-stamp some sick shit -- well, you'd be right
Paul Mann, 1999, “The Afterlife of the Avant-Garde” in Masocriticism, p. 15-6

In their own way, Bataille’s ideas are at least as troubling as Sade’s. They seem to invite us to rationalize rampant consumerism, to excuse toxic dumping an other environmental disasters, to romanticize nuclear holocaust (what more glorious and solar expenditure of life?), or to speak about poverty as luxury and leave the poor to rot in the streets. Perhaps that is what Bataille wants us to think, and, if so, one might well be troubled by his writing.

Baudrillard is the worst example of ivory tower academia—instead of dealing with real problems on the ground, he retreats into his safe western university and makes statements which echo colonialism and authorize genocide by cloaking war in philosophical terms. Technology makes war MORE real, not less—the correct course is ACTION to abate the CONSEQUENCES OF WAR. Star this card, because it lights their kritik on fire.

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