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Lame duck distinct

Inside U.S. Trade, "Vietnam PNTR could be delayed by Peru, Oman despite broad support" June 16, 2006 lexis

Business lobbyists reacted with alarm to Boehner's comments, because considering trade bills in a lame duck session creates additional uncertainties. Following the elections, members may not vote the way they would have previously, one source noted, and there also is a danger that the agenda in a lame duck session would become too crowded for consideration of trade bills.

Outweighs the lack of spill over

The Times of India, Chidanand Rajghatta, "Senate takes up bill on Indo-US nuke deal" November 16, 2006 lexis

The timeline is so short and tight and the legislative agenda for the lame-duck session is so crowded that some Indian activists were fearful that the Nuke deal might again get pushed out of the calendar. But Frist's announcement set the fears to rest.

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