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They still have to spend capital

Taylor 96 Director Natural Resource studies, Cato Institute [Jerry, Congressional Testimony, p. http://www.cato.org/testimony/ct-jt091296.html]
Another problem with the theory of agency expertise is the assumption that agencies are sufficiently insulated from politics to make their decisions scientifically, rather than politically. But, agencies are, of course, not really insulated from politics at all, but rather are subject to all kinds of subtle and not so subtle pressures from members of Congress and the White House staff. Agencies are vulnerable to such pressure because they and their staffs have interests of their own, such as getting wider powers, a larger budget, and access to higher appointed positions. Perhaps agency lawmaking is somewhat more removed from legislative politics than is congressional lawmaking, but, in acting behind closed doors to pressure agencies, members of Congress are largely free from electoral accountability.

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