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Congress still weighs in on every agency action

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Congress still weighs in on every agency action

Lovell 2k (Assistant Professor of Government, College of William and Mary, George, 17 Const. Commentary 79)
It is true that members of Congress do not cast "yes" or "no" votes on particular rules created by agencies, but they do quite often need to go on record with "yes" or "no" votes that make agency activities possible. Legislators must cast votes to establish executive branch agencies and to give those agencies the authority to make regulatory decisions. The democratic controls created by such votes weaken over time. (Most of the voters who voted for the legislators who passed the Agricultural Adjustment Act are now dead). But members of Congress need to take at least one vote per year (on the relevant appropriations bill) in order for any regulatory program to continue, and circumstances sometimes force members to cast additional votes on particular programs. Since no regulatory program can operate without being created and continually authorized by Congress, there is nothing about delegation that prevents an unhappy electorate from holding members of Congress accountable for regulatory power exercised by the agencies.

2ac Clarification is a voting issue – should have been in the 1ac, their green evidence says that they could do the plan not that they would do the plan – normal means debates are inhibit so the only predictable standard is holding them to USFG in the plan text which is key to any and all negative ground.

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