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Solves tech transfer within the DOD post-development

Marqusee 2012 – Executive Director of the Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program and the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program at the DOD (March, Jeffrey, Energy Innovation at the Department of Defense: Assessing the Opportunities, White Paper, “Military installations and energy technology innovation”, http://bipartisanpolicy.org/sites/default/files/Energy%20Innovation%20at%20DoD.pdf, WEA) *note a typo, this dude’s last name is actually spelled Marqusee…
A more realistic flow diagram for SERDP and ESTCP¶ investments is shown in figure 3.7. Science and technologyinvestments are tightly linked between fundamental researchand advanced development. Information is fed back from¶ demonstrations, both to contribute to innovations and to¶ support advances in fundamental science and engineeringThe way SERDP and ESTCP are organized also fosterscross-pollination of perspectives and expertise, and works to¶ create communities across DoD. When research proposalsare evaluated, DoD not only considers their scientific merit¶ (as determined by peer review); it also evaluates themwith representatives from the services who have direct¶ field experience. Having engineers and managers with this¶ experience sit on research committees to review proposals¶ is invaluable. It also creates a community within DoD, across¶ different branches, for the issues being addressed, which helps¶ support technology transfer. Technology transfer is not viewed¶ as an activity to be done after a technology demonstration; it is¶ integral to the research and demonstration process.

ESTCP demonstrations are conducted to answer the technical,¶ economic, and operational issues of all the communities that¶ have a role in future implementations. For a new weapons¶ system, testing and evaluation is a standard and straightforward¶ part of the acquisition process. In the environmental (and¶ installation energy) area, implementation is highly distributed,¶ technologies are procured through multiple mechanisms and¶ pathways, and there is often no single acquisitions authority;¶ demonstrations of these technologies are more complex, and¶ are rarely done with this level of rigor outside of ESTCP. Its role¶ is not to serve as a centralized mandatory gatekeeper that¶ all innovative technologies must get past, but rather to be¶ the instrument to accelerate innovation despite the barriers¶ discussed above. Technologies are tested and evaluated to assess¶ their current performance and costs, to meet the needs of all¶ stakeholders involved in future implementations, and to feedinformation back to the R&D community either to facilitate more¶ rapid development of the next iteration of a given technology or¶ to stimulate future fundamental research.

The lessons learned by ESTCP in successfully fostering and¶ transitioning innovative environmental technologies are beingapplied now to installation energy technologies. One keyfunction of the program is that it centralizes the risk of innovativetechnologies so as to foster innovation across the DoD enterprise.¶ It also works to leverage the existing engineering and supportorganizations of the services in the selection and execution of the¶ demonstrations. Technology transfer is best done not by creating¶ new organizational structures devoted to that mission, but¶ rather by informing and relying upon the existing management¶ structures of the services. This requires attention to development¶ of the soft tools (guidance documents, training material, draft¶ procurement documents, etc.) of DoD’s management system¶ that are essential to widespread deployment of technologies.¶ It is also important to maintain transparency and openness¶ throughout the testing process, including where demonstration¶ results are concerned. In an arena in which decisions will be¶ made by the thousands, DoD’s traditional approach of limiting¶ access to information will hinder the successful widespread¶ adoption of new technologies.

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