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Can’t forward deploy SMRs—too many risks

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Can’t forward deploy SMRs—too many risks

Smith 2011 (2/16, Terrence, CSIS, “An Idea I Can Do Without: “Small Nuclear Reactors for Military Installations””, http://csis.org/blog/idea-i-can-do-without-small-nuclear-reactors-military-installations, WEA)
The proposed solution: small nuclear reactors that (in many of the proposed plans) are “self-contained and highly mobile.” This would allow the military to use them in forward bases and pack ‘em up and move ‘em out when we are done. But in an era where the U.S. is engaged in global fights with our bases often placed in unfriendly neighborhoods, the idea of driving around nuclear reactors and material (particularly through areas that have “ a fragile civilian electrical grid”) hardly seems like the idea of the century to me.¶ The report counters that “some” designs promise to be “virtually impervious to accidents” and have design characteristics that “might” allow them to be proliferation-resistant. The plans that use low-enriched uranium, sealed reactor cores, ect., do make them a safer option that some current designs of larger nuclear reactors, but, again, if we are going to be trucking these things around the world, when it comes to nuclear material a “might” doesn’t sit well with me.

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