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Ramaekers 1 [Stefan, “Teaching to lie and obey: Nietzsche and Education”, Journal of Philosophy of Education 35.2]
The nature of morality inspires us to stay far from an excessive freedom and cultivates the need for restricted horizons. This narrowing of perspective is for Nietzsche a condition of life and growth. It is interesting to see how this is prefigured in Nietzsche's second Unfashionable Observation (On the Utility and Liability of History for Life). The cure for what he there calls ‘the historical sickness’, i.e. an excess of history which attacks the shaping power of life and no longer understands how to utilise the past as a powerful source of nourishment, is (among others) the ahistorical: "the art and power to be able to forget and to enclose oneself in a limited horizon. Human beings cannot live without a belief in something lasting and eternal. Subordination to the rules of a system of morality should not be understood as a deplorable restriction of an individual's possibilities and creative freedom: on the contrary, it is the necessary determination and limitation of the conditions under which anything can be conceived as possible. Only from within a particular and arbitrary framework can freedom itself be interpreted as freedom. In other words, Nietzsche points to the necessity of being embedded in a particular cultural and historical frame. The pervasiveness of this embeddedness can be shown in at least four aspects of Nietzsche's writings.

All definitions are somewhat arbitrary, but this proves limits are key. The only solution is contesting reasonable interpretations of terms—means T debates solve their offense

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