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The aff incites Congressional backlash -- post-Fukushima safety concerns

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The aff incites Congressional backlash -- post-Fukushima safety concerns.

Holt, 6-20-12

[Mark, Specialist in Energy Policy -- CRS, “Nuclear Energy Policy,” http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RL33558.pdf]

NRC on March 12, 2012, issued its first nuclear plant safety requirements based on lessons learned from the March 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan. NRC ordered U.S. nuclear plant operators to begin implementing safety enhancements related to the loss of power caused by natural disasters, reactor containment venting, and monitoring the water levels of reactor spent fuel pools. The Fukushima nuclear plant was hit by an earthquake and tsunami that knocked out all electric power at the six-reactor plant, resulting in the overheating of the reactor cores in three of the units and a heightened overheating risk at several spent fuel storage pools at the site. The overheating of the reactor cores caused major hydrogen explosions and releases of radioactive material to the environment. Several House and Senate hearings have been held on the accident, and several bills on nuclear safety have been introduced in the 112th Congress. Proposed bills would delay all new nuclear licenses and permits until stronger safety standards were in place (H.R. 1242), expand evacuation planning around U.S. nuclear reactors (H.R. 1268), and initiate U.S. efforts to strengthen international nuclear safety agreements (S. 640, H.R. 1326).

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