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SMRs politically “nuclear”

Fairly, 2010 (Peter “Downsizing Nuclear Power Plants”, IEE Spectrum, http://spectrum.ieee.org/energy/nuclear/downsizing-nuclear-power-plants/2)
However, there are political objections to SMRs. Precisely because they are more affordable, they may well increase the risk of proliferation by bringing the cost and power output of nuclear reactors within the reach of poorer countries.

Russia’s first SMR, which the nuclear engineering group Rosatom expects to complete next year, is of particular concern. The Akademik Lomonosov is a floating nuclear power plant sporting two 35-MW reactors, which Rosatom expects to have tethered to an Arctic oil and gas operation by 2012. The reactor’s portability prompted Greenpeace Russia to call this floating plant the world’s most dangerous nuclear project in a decade.

SMRs may be smaller than today’s reactors. But, politically at least, they’re just as nuclear.

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