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at: andres and breetz

Disregard Andres and Breetz—they describe advantages in the abstract but don’t substantiate the relevant claims

Smith 2011 (2/16, Terrence, CSIS, “An Idea I Can Do Without: “Small Nuclear Reactors for Military Installations””, http://csis.org/blog/idea-i-can-do-without-small-nuclear-reactors-military-installations, WEA)
The National Defense University’s Institute for National Strategic Studies recently released a report on Small Nuclear Reactors for Military Installations: Capabilities, Costs, and Technological Implications. The authors of the report, Richard B. Andres and Hanna L. Breetz, provide a thoughtful analysis of the benefits and key implications of a move towards the use of small nuclear reactors for the Defense Department and its fighting forces. However, in my opinion, the report’s focus is misplaced by encouraging the pursuit of small reactor technology for the purpose of controlling a competitive technological edge. In doing so, the report pushes the assumption that the technology is a good idea to begin with – an approval I am hesitant to give. The report makes some reference to the downsides, but too quickly brushes aside the risks, as well as the numerous unknowns.

In recent years the “U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has become increasingly interested in the potential of small (less than 300 megawatts electric [MWe]) nuclear reactors for military use.” The NDU report does an excellent job of exploring why the DoD would have in interest in such an endeavor, but stops short of thoroughly examining the wisdom behind DoD’s interest, which is ultimately the more important question.

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