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Professor of History

Department of History, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Box 455020 Las Vegas, NV 89154- 5020


Ph.D. History, University of California Berkeley 1999

M.A. History, University of California, Berkeley 1995

B.A. History, University of California, Davis 1993



Advisory Board Member, Black Mountain Institute 2006- present

Mellon Writing Award 1998- 1999

Fulbright Scholar, United Kingdom 1996- 1997

Phi Beta Kappa Initiated: 1992

Phi Kappa Phi Initiated: 1992


Huntington Library, Mayers Fellow 2012

Black Mountain Institute Faculty Fellow 2011

Curran Fellow, Research Society for Victorian Periodicals 2009- 2010

Faculty Institute Fellow, UNLV 2009- 2010

Fellow in the Humanities, Stanford University 1999- 2001

Grants and Prizes:

Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fund 2012

Faculty Opportunity Award, UNLV 2012

Distinguished Teaching Award, UNLV 2010

Research Development Award, UNLV 2008

University Faculty Travel Award, UNLV 2008, 2011

Morris Excellence in Scholarship Award, UNLV 2006

Morris Teaching Award History Nominee, UNLV 2006

Rita Deanin Abbey Teacher of the Year Award, UNLV 2005

New Investigator Award, UNLV 2003

THREAD grant, US Department of Education 2003

Planning Initiative Award, UNLV 2003

SITE Grant, UNLV 2002

American Historical Association Schmitt Research Grant 2001


Britain Since 1688: A Nation in the World, co-authored with Stephanie Barczewski, John Eglin,

Stephen Heathorn, Michael Silvestri, Routledge, 2014.

Empires and Constitutions, Kendall Hunt, 2014.

Smyrna’s Ashes: Humanitarianism, Genocide and the Birth of the Middle East, Berkeley Series

in British Studies, University of California Press, 2012. Honorable Mention, PCCBS Book Prize

Women Making News: Gender and Journalism in Modern Britain, History of Communication

Series, University of Illinois Press, 2005.


“Humanitarianism, Genocide and Liberalism,” Journal of Genocide Research 17:1.

“‘Crimes Against Humanity’: Human Rights, the British Empire, and the Origins of the Response

to the Armenian Genocide,” American Historical Review February, 2014.

“Humanitarian Journalism: The Career of Lady Henry Somerset,” in Elizabeth Gray, ed., Women

in Journalism at the Fin de Siècle: Making A Name for Herself , Palgrave, 2012: 91- 109.

“Gleaners in the Holy Land: Women and the Missionary Press in Victorian Britain,” Nineteenth-

Century Gender Studies, 6.2 (Summer 2010) http://www.ncgsjournal.com/issue62/tusan.htm

“Britain and the Middle East: New Perspectives on the Eastern Question,” History Compass

8:3 (March 2010): 212- 222.

“Armenians in Las Vegas” in Tom Wright and Jerry Simich, eds., The Peoples of Las Vegas,

volume 2, University of Nevada Press, 2010: 131- 148.

“The Business of Relief Work: A Victorian Quaker in Constantinople and her Circle,” Victorian

Studies 51.4 (Summer 2009): 633- 662.

“Reforming Work: Gender, Class and the Printing Trade in Victorian Britain,” Journal of Women’s

History 16:1 (2004): 102- 125.

“Writing Stri Dharma: International Feminism, Nationalist Politics, and Women’s Press Advocacy

in Colonial India,” Women’s History Review 12: 4 (2003): 623- 649.

“‘Not the Ordinary Victorian Charity’: The Society for Promoting the Employment of Women

Archive,” History Workshop Journal 49 (2000): 220- 230.

“Inventing the New Woman: Print Culture and Identity Politics in Britain during the Fin-de-

Siècle,” Victorian Periodicals Review 81:2 (1998): 167- 182. Winner of VanArsdel Prize


“Humanitarian Empire: Britain, the Armenian Genocide and World War,” Book manuscript.


“The Armenian Genocide and Foreign Policy,” Phi Kappa Phi Forum 94: 2 (Summer

2014): 13- 16.

Review of Laurence Fenton, Palmerston and the Times, American Historical Review

(February 2014): 253.

Review of Tom Crook, Rebecca Gill and Bertrand Taithe, eds, Evil, Barbarism and

Empire for Journal of British Studies 51:4 (October 2012): 1043- 1045.

“Island Stories,” review of Damon Ieremia Salesa, Racial Crossings: Race,

Intermarriage and the Victorian British Empire, H-Net Book Review (February 2012).

“Mainstreaming Feminist Media,” Journal of Modern Periodical Studies 2:2 (2011): 253-


Review of F.D. Parson, Thomas Hare and Political Representation in Victorian Britain,

Victorian Studies 53:2 (Winter 2011): 351- 353.

Review of Jeffrey Auerbach and Peter Hoffenberg, eds., Britain, the Empire and the

World at the Great Exhibition, Victorian Studies 51:4 (Summer 2009): 757- 759.

“Media History: Where to?” Narrating Media History, H-Net Book Review (Dec. 2009).

“Cultural Explanations of State-Sponsored Violence in the Middle East,” review of

Priya Satia, Spies in Arabia, H-Net Book Review (June 2008).

“Imperial Journalism” review of Evelyn Waugh, John Maxwell Hamilton, ed. Waugh in

Abyssinia, Journalism Studies, (April 2008).

“Reading Gender through the Lens of Empire,” review of Angela Woolacott, Gender and

Empire for H-Net Book Review, (May 2007).

“Reimagining Palestine” review of Nancy L. Stockdale, Colonial Encounters Among

English and Palestinian Women, 1800- 1948, H-Net Book Review (June 2007).

“Imperialism, Islam and English National Identity” review of Diane Robinson-Dunn,

The Harem, Slavery and British Imperial Culture, H-Net Book Review, (October 2007).

Review of Simon Potter, News and the British World, for Journalism: Theory, Practice

& Criticism 8:5 (2007): 611- 613.

“Red Lentil Soup,” Gourmet Magazine, October 2007.

Martin Conboy, Joad Raymond, Michelle Tusan and Kevin Williams, “Roundtable on

Conboy’s Journalism: A Critical History,” Media Studies 12:3 (2006): 329- 351.

Review of Barbara Caine, Bombay to Bloomsbury: A Biography of the Strachey Family

Journal of Interdisciplinary History 37:2 (2006): 281-283.

Review of Deborah Chambers, et al., Women and Journalism for Media History

(January 2006).

“Representing the People?” review of Mark Hampton, Visions of the Press for H-Net

Book Review (March 2006).

Review of Marysa Demoor, ed., Marketing the Author, Authorial Personae, Narrative

Selves and Self-Fashioning, 1880- 1930 for Biography (Fall 2005).

“News for All” a review of Adrian Bingham, Gender, Modernity, and the Popular

Press in Inter-War Britain for Media History (December 2005).

“Adventures in the Academic Marketplace,” Phi Kappa Phi Forum 84, no. 4 (2004): 21.

“A Literature of their Own?,” review of Judith Walsh, Domesticity in Colonial India:

H-Net Book Review (September 2004).

“Reinterpreting the New Woman,” review of Angelique Richardson and Chris Willis, eds.,

The New Woman in Fact and Fiction for the Institute of Historical Research (February 2003).

“Negotiating Consent: Nationalism and Feminism Between the Wars,” British Politics Group

Newsletter, 2003.

Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century British Writers, contributor, (New York 2003).

“Gender, Patriarchy, and Colonialism in Nineteenth-Century India,” review of Tanika Sarkar,

Hindu Wife, Hindu Nation for H-Net Book Reviews (January 2003).

“New Sources on Writing Women,” review of Elizabeth Burt, ed., Women’s Press Organizations,

1881- 1999 and Anne Varty, ed., Eve’s Century, Journal of Communication 51: 2 (2001).

Review of Valerie Korinek, Roughing it in the Suburbs, Harvard Business History Review 75:3


“(Re)Covering the Woman Journalist,” review of M. Lang, Women Who Made the News and

M. Greenwald, A Woman of the Times,” Journal of Communication 50 (2000).


“Remembering the Eastern Front: Humanitarian Disaster on Film,” peer-reviewed paper

at the North American Conference on British Studies, November 6, 2014.
“Humanitarianism on Film at the Dawn of New Media,” invited presentation, University

of Chicago, April 2014.

“Teaching British History,” peer-reviewed paper at the North American Conference on

British Studies, November 8, 2013 Portland, Oregon.

“Las Vegas Armenians,” interview for Public TV of Armenia, Oct. 2013.

“Smyrna’s Ashes,” invited public lecture UC Berkeley, March 8, 2013.

“Humanitarian Journalism,” peer-reviewed paper at the Pacific Coast Conference on

British Studies, UC Berkeley, March 9, 2013.

“Human Rights and the Armenian Genocide,” invited key note address for the Las Vegas

Armenian Genocide Commemoration, St. Garabed Church, April, 21 2013.

“Atrocity on Film: Genocide and New Media,” peer-reviewed paper presented at the

North American Conference on British Studies, Montreal, November 2012.

“‘Crimes Against Humanity: Genocide in the Twentieth Century,” invited Osher

Institute lecture, University of Nevada Las Vegas, October 8, 2012.

“Humanitarian Empire,” invited comment, Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies,

Huntington Library, March 2012.

“New Directions in British Studies,” seminar paper presentation, Loyola Marymount

University, March 2012.

“‘Crimes Against Humanity’: The Origins of the Western Response to the Armenian

Genocide,” public lecture sponsored by UC Berkeley Armenian Studies Program

and Institute of Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies, November 2, 2011.

“The Armenian Community in Las Vegas,” invited remarks presented at the St. Garabed

Pontifical Banquet, Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, October 20, 2011.

“Britain and the Armenian Genocide,” invited Scholars Workshop presentation

sponsored by the Berkeley Center for British Studies, September 22, 2011.

“Humanitarian Diplomacy,” peer-reviewed presentation at Empire Conference, Lingnan

University, Hong Kong, May 2011.

“Smyrna’s Ashes,” presented at the Black Mountain Institute Faculty Fellows Seminar, Las Vegas,

May 2011.

“The Royal Wedding,” Television network 2 segment interview for News 3 KSNV, April 2011.

“British Diplomacy in the Ottoman Empire in the Nineteenth Century,” presented at the

Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, Seattle, WA, March 2011.

“British Responses to the Armenian Genocide,” presented at the Western Conference

on British Studies, Austin, TX, September 2010.

“The Eastern Question and the Periodical Press,” presented at the Pacific Coast

Conference on British Studies, Claremont, CA, March 2010.

“Britain’s Eastern Question,” Berkeley-Stanford British Studies Colloquium, Feb. 2010.

“Smyrna’s Ashes,” presented at the NACBS, Louisville, November 2009.

“The Victorian Press and the Question of the East,” presented at the Pacific Coast

Conference on British Studies, San Diego, March 2009.

“Mapping the Near East,” presented at the Cambridge Modern History Seminar,

Cambridge University, England, November 2008.

“Britain’s Near East,” presented at the Western Conference on British Studies,

San Antonio, September 2008.

“The Business of Relief Work: Ann Mary Burgess in Constantinople,” presented at the

Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, Huntington Library, March 2008.

“The New Global Citizen: Women’s Political Activism in Britain after 1928,” presented

at the Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, Tacoma, Washington, March 2007.

“Whatever Happened to British Feminism?: A Reconsideration of the End of the First Wave,”

presented at the Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, Irvine, California, March 2006.

“A Liberal Empire? The Case of the Radical Press and Women’s Political Activism in Imperial

Britain and India,” invited lecture for the Nation and Empire Seminar at the Huntington

Library, October 2005.

“Perspectives on the Press in Modern Britain,” invited comment for the North America Conference

on British Studies, Denver, Colorado, October 2005.

“Empire between the Wars: Feminism and Indian ‘Home Rule,’” presented at the Pacific

Coast Conference on British Studies, Riverside, California, April 2005.

“Social Movements and Print Media: Towards a Clearer Understanding of How Women

Made the News” presented at the Feminisms and the Periodical Press conference,

Toronto, Canada, September 2004.

“Dissenting Strategies: Political Violence and the Case of the Suffragette Newspaper,”

presented at the Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, UC Berkeley, April 2004.

“‘To Set My Mother’s House in Order: Interwar Feminist-Nationalist Politics and the British

State” presented at the North American Conference on British Studies, Portland, Oregon,

October 2003.

“‘Women’s Interests Today are as Wide as the World’: Victorian Women Readers Confront the

World Outside of Britain”: presented at the International Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century

Studies Association Conference, London, July 2003.

“Uneasy Alliances: Indian Nationalist Dissent and British Politics Between the Wars”: presented at

the Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, Sonoma State University, April 2003.

“Making Sex Respectable: Victorian Women Journalists Educate the New Woman Reader”:

presented at the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Association, UCSC, March 2003.

“Nationalism, Gender and the Media in Colonial India”: presented at the National Women’s

Studies Association Annual Conference, Las Vegas, June 2002.

“An Irish Radical in India: The Journalism of Margaret Cousins”: presented at the

Women on Ireland Research Network Conference, Liverpool, England, March 2002.

Women’s Publishing, Feminism, and the Media in Twentieth Century Colonial India,”

presented at the 17th Annual South Asia Conference, UC Berkeley, February 2002.

“Cooperation, Contest, and Friendship: Margaret Cousins’ and Muthulakshmi Reddy’s Journalism

in India,” presented at the Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, Stanford, April 2001.

“Print Media in the Colonial Context: Women’s Journals and their Publics in India during the

1920s and 1930s,” presented at the North American Conference on British Studies, Pasadena,

California, October 2000.

“Creating Feminist Dialogue? Women’s Publishing and the Politics of Difference in Colonial

India,” presented at the Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, Santa Barbara, March 2000.

“A Literary Marketplace of their Own: Women Printers, Publishers, and Writers in Late

Nineteenth-Century Britain,” presented at the British Women Writers Conference,

Albuquerque, New Mexico, September 1999.

“Censoring the Radical Women’s Press: Gender, Media, and the British State” presented at

the Western Conference of Journalism History, UC Berkeley, February 1999.

“Making Women their Business: The Origins of the Women’s Political Press,” invited

lecture at the Modern Britain Seminar, Institute of Historical Research in London, March 1999.

“The New Woman in Europe”: invited lecture delivered to the European Women’s History course

at the University of California at Davis, March 1999.

“Time and Tide Wait for No Man: Propaganda, Political Action and the Weekly Review,”

presented at The North American Conference on British Studies, Colorado Springs, October 1998.

“Censorship or Illegal Incitement?, The Case of the Suffragette Newspaper,” presented at the

American Historical Association Pacific Coast Branch Conference, San Diego, August 1998.

“Making Work ‘Respectable’: Labor, Gender, and Class in the Printing Trades,” presented at the

Western Association of Women Historians Conference, Huntington Library, May 1998.

“The Invention of the New Women in the British Periodical Press, 1893- 1899,” presented at

the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals Conference, Portland, Oregon, September 1996.

“Imagining Feminism in Turn-of-the Century Britain: The Contest over the Identity of the

New Woman in the Feminist and Popular Press,” presented at the Pacific Coast Conference on

British Studies Annual Conference, Los Angeles, March 1995.


British Archives

London, England: British Library and Manuscripts Room; Fawcett Library; Lambeth Palace

St. Brides Printing Library; National Archives; Royal Geographic Society,

Museum of London, Institute of Commonwealth Studies; Friends Library

Imperial War Museum

Cambridge, England: Girton College Archives; Churchill College Archives

Oxford, England: Bodleian Special Collections; Middle East Archive, St. Antonys College;

Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House

Hull, England: Hull Public Library

Manchester, England: Manchester Central Library, John Rylands Library

Liverpool, England: University of Liverpool archives, Liverpool Central Library

Edinburgh, Scotland: Edinburgh Public Library

Irish Archives

Dublin, Ireland: National Library, National Archives

United States Archives

New York City, New York: Fales Library, New York University

New Haven, Connecticut: Beinecke Library, Yale University

San Marino, California: Huntington Library

Palo Alto, California: Hoover Archive and Special Collections, Stanford University


Professor of British History

University of Nevada Las Vegas: Fall 2001 to present

“History of Human Rights”- Developed and taught Honors College Seminar.

“Race, Class and Gender in British History”- Developed and taught graduate colloquium in

Intellectual and Cultural history track.

“Researching Race, Class, and Gender”- Developed and taught graduate research and writing

seminar in Intellectual and Cultural history track.

“History of the British Empire”- Developed and taught upper-division course on imperialism.

“Modern Britain”- Developed and taught upper-division course on the 19th and 20th centuries.

“Early Modern Britain”- Developed and taught upper-division course on Tudor/Stuart period.

“Sex and Society”- Developed and taught Honors College Seminar.

“History of Women”- Developed and taught upper-division European gender history course.

“Empires and Constitutions”- Developed and taught introductory interdisciplinary world

history course exploring the rise and fall of imperial dynasties from Rome to the present.

“Perspectives on Western Civilization”- Developed and taught interdisciplinary seminar on

interactions between the Western peoples and the world for the Honors College.

“Capstone Research Seminar”- Developed and taught undergraduate thesis course.

Teaching Fellow

Stanford University: Fall 1999- Spring 2001

“Democratic Societies in Europe and America”- Instructed interdisciplinary seminars on

themes in modern and early modern history.

“The Self, Sacred, and the Human Good”- Instructed interdisciplinary seminars that

incorporated historical, literary, and religious texts.


University of Nevada Las Vegas

Black Mountain Institute Board Member, 2006- present

Chair, European History Search Committee, 2013

Chair, Morris Scholarship Committee, 2012

Black Mountain Institute, Assistant Director Search Committee, 2012

College of Liberal Arts Personnel Committee (elected) 2011

WRIN Prize Committee Reviewer, 2012

Chair, Bylaws Committee, Dept. of History, 2011

Faculty Seminar Organizer, 2004- 2011

Personnel Committee, Dept. of History 2010

Graduate Committee, Dept. of History, 2009- 2010

Interdisciplinary Studies Search Committee, 2010- 2011

College of Liberal Arts Dean Search Committee (elected), 2007

Center for Advanced Research Grant Committee, 2006

Chair, Awards Committee, Dept. of History, 2006- 2008

Atlantic World Search Committee, Dept. of History, 2005

Postcolonial Scholar Search, Dept. of Women’s Studies, 2004

Colonial America Search Committee, Dept. of History, 2004

College of Liberal Arts Bylaws Committee, 2002- 03

Cultural Studies Committee, 2002- 2004

Phi Alpha Theta Committee, 2002

Women’s Studies faculty affiliate, 2001- 2011

Honors College faculty affiliate

Professional Service

President elect, Phi Kappa Phi, Chapter 100

President, Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, 2014- 2016

NACBS Council Member

Program Chair, 2013 Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, UC Berkeley

Vice President, Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, 2012- 1014

University of California Human Rights Collaborative Workshop Participant

Nupur Chaudhuri Prize Committee, Coordinating Council for Women in History, 2012- 2014

PBS “Downton Abbey” Speakers Bureau, consultant

Chair, Local Arrangements, 2012 Western Conference on British Studies, Las Vegas

Colby Book Prize, RSVP Selection Committee, 2010

Chair, Nominations Committee, Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, 2009

Secretary, Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, 2006- 2008

Article Prize Committee, Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, 2005

Manuscript reviewer: Wadsworth/Thomson Publishing; Palgrave, and Broadview Press; Law

and History Review, Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, Victorian Periodicals Review, University of Toronto Press, Modernism/Modernity, Media History

Editorial Board

ABC-CLIO/Praeger World History Database, Modern Europe Editor, 2009- present.


American Historical Association (AHA)

Coordinating Council for Women in History (CCWH)

North American Conference on British Studies (NACBS)

Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies (PCCBS)

Western Conference on British Studies (WCBS)

Research Society for Victorian Periodicals (RSVP)

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