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Arguments of the Third Participants

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Arguments of the Third Participants

  1. China

        1. Referring to Articles 7 and 11 of the DSU, China argues that a WTO panel does not have an implied power to refrain from performing its "statutory function".37 China submits that, if a panel that is "empowered and obligated"38 to assist the DSB in the settlement of a dispute declines to exercise jurisdiction, such a decision would create legal uncertainty and be contrary to the aim of providing security and predictability to the multilateral trading system as well as the prompt settlement of disputes as provided for in Article 3.3 of the DSU. China argues, moreover, that the notion of judicial economy is "relevant and applicable"39 only if a panel has assumed the jurisdiction defined by its

        2. terms of reference and has made "such findings as will assist the DSB" within the meaning of Article 11 of the DSU.

        3. China asserts that the terms "laws or regulations" in Article XX(d) do not encompass international agreements. China states that Article X of the GATT 1994 provides contextual guidance  for the interpretation of Article XX(d). Article X expressly distinguishes between "[l]aws, regulations, judicial decisions and administrative rulings" and "[a]greements … between the government or a governmental agency of any Member and the government or governmental agency of any other Member". China adds that interpreting "laws or regulations" to include international agreements would allow a WTO Member to justify under Article XX(d) its deviation from its WTO obligations in the name of any remedial measure in response to any alleged breach of any non-WTO international agreement. Such a scenario, according to China, is not consistent with the object and purpose of the GATT 1994.

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