Mexico definitive countervailing measures on olive oil from the european communities

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Arguments of the Parties

      1. The European Communities asserts that Mexico failed to require interested parties to provide non-confidential summaries of the confidential information that they submitted to Economía and that such interested parties did not justify their failure to provide non-confidential summaries by invoking "exceptional circumstances" within the meaning of Article 12.4.1 of the SCM Agreement.

      2. Mexico asserts that the interested parties did furnish non-confidential summaries of confidential information in compliance with Article 12.4.1. It also argues that the Mexican legal system allows representatives of interested parties to access confidential information, so that even if the investigation file did not contain public summaries of information provided by an interested party, the obligations and objectives in Article 12.4.1 of the SCM Agreement would have been met.

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