Mexican War for Independence

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Revolutions in Mexico

Mexican War for Independence

Summarize the events that lead up to war for independence What were the causes?

Describe the role of the following groups played in the war for independence


Miguel Hidalgo



Compare the battle for independence in Mexico to that of the United States

Problems for newly independent Mexico




Progress, Reform, and Order

List three reforms the liberals of “La Reforma” passed

Why were both rural communities and elites opposed to “La Reforma”?
Rural communities –

Elite -

Describe Benito Juarez and his goals for Mexico

Some people think Cinqo de Mayo is Mexico’s independence day, but it’s actually involving the French in Mexico. Explain the situation that causes the Mexicans to have to fight the French

How did President Juarez reform their economy?

What was the “Porfiriato” and how did it change Mexico?

Describe the consequences of Diaz’s reforms

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