Mexican-American War

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Mexican-American War

Dakayla Washington

5th Grade (LASS) Dual Language Class

Teacher: Esperanza Macleod

Woodrow Wilson E.S.

The Mexican-American War

Have you ever wondered how Mexico and America have got to being how it is today? During 1846-1848, Mexico and the United States were debating over whether Texas and California was Mexico’s territory or America’s territory. This was called the Mexican American War. Alternatively known as, The Mexican War, Mexican Independence, or Mexican Cessation. The United States was unjustified in going into war with Mexico because President James K. Polk provoked it, the robbery of land, and the slavery expansion.

One reason the United States was unjustified is that President Polk provoked it. He was a strong believer in MANIFEST DESTINY. President Polk Just sent his troops to kill all the Mexicans to expand their land for “God’s wish”. He sent Zachary Taylor with his troops into the area between the Nueces River and the Rio Grande. The President invaded Mexico’s land! (Document B) I think Mexico was REALLY, mad about America’s unfair, uncalled-for, disrespectful invasion. (ME)

The second reason America was unjustified in going into war with Mexico is because America’s robbery of Mexico’s land. America was NOT BEING FAIR AT ALL. They were saying that California was THEIR land and not Mexico’s! Mexico knew that California was qualified as Mexico’s territory, so they defended their land. President Polk sent his troops on MEXICO’S LAND! Mexico fought and fought but sadly… America won.  Mexico had to give up California. (Document C) Who knew this would later on lead to Texas being taken from them as well.  America was NOT justified to DO THAT!1 (

The last reason America was unjustified in going into war with Mexico was because the slavery expansion. Mexico wanted American settlers to move into Mexico because Mexico needed a larger population. However, when the settlers moved in THEY BROUGHT THEIR SLAVES WITH THEM! Mexico had a strict no tolerance rule about slaves. Mexico did not want them to be known as slave keepers. (Document D) Even before Martin Luther King, people were NOT O.K. with people that liked slaves. (Me)

Three main reasons America was unjustified in going into war with Mexico were that President James k. Polk provoked it, America’s robbery of Mexico’s land and the expansion of slavery. It is important that America was unjustified to go into war with Mexico because if the war was justified then, Mexico should have been able to march into any land claim it is theirs and now own it. It is also important today because we could have any land, still have slaves, and kill random people because their different and claim it’s “God’s plan”. That is why America was unjustified to go into war with Mexico.


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1 Manifest Destiny- The widely held belief that American settlers were destined to expand across the continent.

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