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Patrick McAuliff Evaluation Evaluation

Evaluation by Patrick McAuliff



Sample # 1

Subject: Metropolitan Lecture Series

Paragraph: A robust program of ticketed lectures related to the Museum's special exhibitions, permanent collection, and concert series runs from September to June. Tickets may be purchased individually or by subscription. (View a schedule of all upcoming subscription lectures.)

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Date investigated: 8/28/02

Sample # 2

Subject: Works by Paul Gauguin

Paragraph: Paul Gauguin is represented by eight works spanning nearly his entire career and most of his voyages. They range from the tender depiction of his daughter in Paris, The Little Dreamer, Study of the Artist's Daughter Aline, Rue Carcel (1881) to Landscape at Pont-Aven, painted in Brittany (1888); Blue Tree Trunks, Arles (1888), from his stay with Van Gogh in the south of France; and Adam and Eve (1902), painted in the South Pacific just a year before the artist's death. Gauguin's engaging, unforgettable, Portrait of a Young Girl Vaïte (Jeanne) Goupil (1896), who was the daughter of a French merchant in Tahiti, is the only known portrait commission ever undertaken by the artist.

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Date investigated: 8/28/02

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