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prayer should be for the Spirit of Christ. Should you or a member of your family or

a friend — feel sick ask Him for healing — in most cases your prayer will be granted.

You are never alone, when visiting this tomb of Allan Kardec. There are always

people present, to pray or ask a favor — you will always find fresh flowers

there — and ever so often — someone there will tell you, that he had prayed at

this tomb, all his pains disappeared and that he felt refreshed and healthy ever

since. You are then not surprised that each newcomer picks — for a talisman — a

leaf from the weeping willow, which over- shadows this grave?



Index on the Creed Of Faith and the 10 ARTICLES.

 Your Creed holds 10 Articles of Faith.

 It is customary in countless churches on earth, where the One God is venerated, to use fixed creeds. These articles of faith, used as an ecclesiastical prayer — are read aloud in the church service, and then reread — but rarely is any

explanation or elucidation forthcoming, and failing this, these articles of faith are only reiterated by the lips of the faithful and do not come from their hearts. And where the church shirks to give those elucidations, it refers to dogmas and to the evasive answer: "God's Ways are un-understandable to human beings". Most of these churches, which venerate the "One God", adhere to the old times, where these creeds were fixed; they never accepted new revelations, because new revelation would undermine the foundations of most of these earthly creeds. Each Great Creed is known since ages past. The spirits, which at these ancient times were born in a human body, had not received permission from God. to initiate these human beings into the full truth and to disclose the creation. The spirits in the cosmos, which were instructed by God, to initiate reincarnated spirits as to which path to follow during their lives one earth, to gain Eternal

Life and Bliss, were not then authorized, as to-day, to reveal to these human beings, that they were not only human, but harbored a spirit, which is able to live eternally, if it respects the Lord's Laws, and thus to purify, to shed evil and vices, and practice virtues and goodness. Science has as yet not discovered the human spirit and has not been able to demonstrate the existence of spirit life. Spiritual philosophy was nonexistent in those ancient times and the people were without schools or education and were therefore poor in understanding. They believed in their existence as

human beings and their resurrection from the grave in the flesh, to suffer the Last Judgment. But they learned only later, after many new reincarnations, of their existence as spirit. God has now — after wisdom and science have wormed their way into the life of human beings — given his good spirits permission, to explain to them, that they are invisible, living entities. who have received a human body and are born on earth for the purpose to strive after wisdom and truth, to purify and gain perfection, so as to be able — after many reincarnations, after having gained much knowledge and experience—to rise, a perfected spirit, and to enter the Eternal Light of God. Everything is regulated for the human spirit, to collect more wisdom in each reincarnation. This is the reason, why God has — at the Creation — scattered His Atoms of Life, which — according to the process of evolution of these invisible entities — have taken on more and higher forms and clearer radiations, which entitles them after perfection, to be admitted to the source of their origin, to God. Each Creed, however, remains and rests on its own particular foundation... to remove this, is to let the whole church break and fall asunder... But God always allows new human spirits to be born and this results — for the complexity of human beings — in a scale of human spirits of different evolutions, the lowest of which may live his first human life on earth, whereas the highest evolved one may live his last reincarnation on earth in a human body. Realizing this, it is understandable, that each creed, believing in the One God, finds a certain number of loyal and faithful members; because each church on earth belongs to a certain number of people on a particular rung of evolution. Spirits of higher evolution think churches, which are founded for lower evolved human beings to be derisive, because they are ignorant of the fact, that in former lives they too have belonged to this church... and churches, which show evidence of

new revelations, are now understood by these spirits, whereas lower evolved spirits are unable to understand them yet, because they lack the necessary purification and perfection. But in coming reincarnations, they again will find the church — of which they are now a loyal member — unsatisfactory and wanting in ceremony and principles. In their last human life on earth — after perfection and purification — they will find every creed imperfect and unsatisfactory — but they will respect them all with the conviction, that each church has its mission and its part in the plan of evolution; that every church proclaims a part of the laws of God and that the collection of the fundamental axioms of all great creeds include the entire complete Divine Law — for the primitive spirits as well as for the higher evolved ones. Therefore Article I of your Creed of Faith — as proclaimed by Us — is an explanation and elucidation of all, which is proclaimed by creeds on earth.
Article 1 reads:

"I believe in the Almighty God — the All-Highest Lord and Supreme Master, the Creator of the Universe and of the human spirit"... "I believe" is the convinced expression of: I accept... 1 trust... I profess... I am loyal... I am firm... I stand by my conviction... This is not only a promise, but an oath taken, which is always renewed. Herewith is confirmed: "I swear allegiance to God" — "I keep steadfast and loyal to my oath"... By the expression "Almighty God", the Omnipotence of God is stressed and the submission to Him is confirmed. This is accentuated by the expression: "The All-Highest and Supreme Lord and Master — the Creator of the Universe — and of the human spirit". This includes: Perception of and submission to God... the acceptance. that He is the Creator of the human spirit and of the whole Universe... A world of truths are concealed in these all-including expressions. One difference about the biblical expression: "I believe in God, Who created Heaven and Earth", is for instance, that We complete this with the assurance: that God is also the Creator of the human spirit. There are creeds, which proclaim that, "the human being is created in the Image of God"... Is not this an old-fashioned expression from the times of permittivity?... the times, when the human being believed in his existence on earth and after his death waited for the Day of the Last Judgment, when he would ascend out of his grave in his body of flesh and blood, to await his sentence?... To equalize human beings with the appearance of God is a gross mistake, because the human being possesses neither the purity nor the perfection of his Creator. After all — the physical human being is an earthly creature, whereas God is a cosmic, celestial entity. God is Spirit, without a physical body... In the olden times God was represented as a physical man. But this was done in times when the human being was ignorant of the fact that he himself is a spirit and that his spirit has sprung from a spiritual Atom of God. The physical body, wherein this spirit is born, discloses through the radiation of the eyes through the good and the virtues which he is practicing — the expression of the degree of purification and perfection, which his spirit has reached. We have permission to tell you, that science has advanced so far, that it is now impossible to believe in a resurrection from the grave in a human body of flesh and blood — that philosophy has worked the way up, not only to materialism, but also to a point from where to realise intellectual and even spiritualistic truths: that the human body belongs to the earth and to physical matter. that it results from physical matter and after its time is finished, has to return to matter, to the earth — but that the invisible sensitive entity — the spirit — is born from the cosmos, from an Atom of God, and that his spirit — after purification and perfection — is called back to the cosmos and to God. The deceased human body does not rise again from the earth; we may assume, that its physical matter is used to build new human bodies to be born, and that the spirits from the cosmos take possession of them for new reincarnations on earth — to wander through the tunnel of evil, therewith to be able to advance in knowledge, wisdom and goodness and to distinguish between good and evil. But the primitive human spirit is not able — even now in this century of light and wisdom — to understand Article I of your Creed or accept it. He perceives himself only as a human being of flesh and blood and not as an invisible entity from the cosmos, which is born with an Atom of God. The evolving reincarnated human being accepts gradually that he is a spirit, living in a human body. Formerly he believed, that all spirits — reincarnated or discarnated — are being judged at the Last Judgment, according to their actions, their good and evil, their virtues and vices. His evolution, inclusive purification and perfection develops. and thus he is later able to accept .in the fullness of its meaning, the words: "I believe in the Almighty God, the All-Highest Lord and Supreme Master, the Creator of the Universe and of the human spirit"... He was in his previous lives on earth, only an earthling, whose only interests lay in physical fulfillments, was often haughty and proud, and thought it was a weakness, humiliation or even vulgarity, to comply with the laws on earth. But now — since he has overcome his evil and his shortcomings — he submits with love to God, just as an obedient child submits lovingly to the will of his father on earth. He does not feel any humiliation, but a duty and desire, to honor his Creator, his Divine Father — realising that he acquired his existence as spirit. even his purification and perfection — his rising to Eternal Life and Bliss — only by the Grace of God. The spirit, which can understand all this, accepts it and lives it, — looked at it in this light — is a fortunate entity, because it stands — even during its life as human being and ignorant of this fact — before the Gates of the Heavenly Paradise.

ARTICLE 2 of your Creed of Faith runs as follows: "I believe in the Supreme Holy Spirit and His Divine Power". Creeds, which accept the Holy Spirit, are not always distinct about It in their explanations. One church accepts, that the Holy Spirit is born on earth in the body of the human mother of Jesus. Another church repudiates this axiom and declares the Holy Spirit to be "A Power of God", but not actually a spirit. And another church proclaims the Holy Spirit to be a part of the "Divine Tri-unity", that the Holy Spirit, together with God and the Christspirit, are the Highest and Supreme Power, which govern and rule Heaven and the Universe, command Nature, regulate the movements of the celestial bodies, and which especially influence the spirits in the cosmos and the reincarnated spirits on earth and on other planets — inspire them, not to neglect their spiritual interests on account of their worldly, temporary, transient interests of the human being, who are also themselves temporary and transient — whereas the spiritual interests are eternal. Many fantastic tales circulate and are afloat about the Supreme Holy Spirit, and the veneration of this Spirit is so vast and important, that a certain church — presuming Him to be born in the body of the mother of Jesus — proclaims Him to have risen to Heaven in his human body of flesh and blood. The proclamation of this church is a phantasm, which evolved spirits — reincarnated and discarnated — reject, because they know, that only psychic entities — after the death of their physical body — are able to return to the cosmos — and that these spirits are always able to manifest in one of the various bodies, which they occupied on earth. The body itself does not exist any longer, but the power of the spirit can use any of them for manifestation — and can be seen by clairvoyant mediums — without the presence of the human body. The Supreme Holy Spirit is wonted, to project Himself to people on earth in the form of a Lady, and this apparition is so serene, so noble and lofty of expression, that no earthly woman could be compared to It. The eyes are clearer than the clearest water from a spring and no human brain is able to comprehend the love and purity, which radiate from Her. Where does It hail from?... from God — because the Holy Spirit is born from and is a part of God... God is in everything the Supremacy: in love, in goodness, in compassion and in wisdom. The Holy Spirit bears all these Divine Gifts in Him and radiates them, in feeling, in words and in deeds. You will now remark, that all human spirits are born of God, because of the fact that they arose from an Atom of God. You received your atom of life from God — but you have gained it through purification and improvement, through action, strife, sacrifice and suffering, because you received also: self-determination. The Holy Spirit, however, is born of God by separating and disseminating and remains therefore part of the impression, the words, the actions and the wonderful influence of the God-Head. This is not the same as to be born from an Atom of God. The Essence of God is with you and in you from your beginning and remains with you in all Eternity. The Holy Spirit is thus a Divine Spirit, and — in the Name of God — He entrusts missions to spirits in the cosmos and to good reincarnated spirits on earth, to help less evolved spirits and those who search for truth, wisdom and Divine Revelation to find the path to the Light of God and to Eternal Bliss in the Spirit world. He enters — under the Name of Mother Maria — the hearts of those, who arc disheartened, sick or unhappy. He brings Divine Strength and Vigor to the souls of poor people, the discouraged and dismayed, the sick people in prison and other sufferers. Few hear His Voice, but the spirits which received His Strength and His Words of Comfort, feel cheerful and lively. They are animated with endurance and perseverance. Persons, who in moments of deep mental despair, hear His Voice or see the manifestation of a Lady in light blue, think that their imagination plays them false — but the innermost feeling of new strength, which they received, remains with them permanently. Many people — to whatever creed they may belong — when they saw this manifestation and heard this "small Voice", cherish this gentle Lady and feel a Love for Her, which is far more sublime than the love for their mother on earth, because it is coupled with a feeling, which is beyond earthly love, but which rises from the human spirit to this High Exalted, Sublime Spirit, whose Name they do not know, but which they venerate as a Divine Light. Mother Maria is actually the Bearer of Forces with which the God-Head Himself has entrusted Her and which She uses in His Name. She will therefore never make a mistake or give ad- vantages to unworthy persons, who are not entitled to Her Help, because She is a part of the Tri-unity and the Essence of God — also in regard to love, goodness, charity, compassion and wisdom. She feels Herself — notwithstanding Her Spiritual State — more Woman and Mother, and She is therefore filled with words of comfort and love for all those who are in distress, and those, who are worthy of it, are helped to find the road to perception and liberation. Nobody knows better than Mother Maria, how easily a reincarnated spirit stumbles and fails. Never a hard word or reproach from Her to any sinner. She brings comfort and help in distress and always gives a helping hand to those, who have gone astray and fallen — to disheartened and needy ones, sick persons and all other sufferers. She always finds words of heartening and cheer, courage and perseverance. Many remain on the wrong path, because they have not yet found the right one — many remain committing wrong. But suffering will purify them from evil and vice. and also they will one day listen to the Voice of Mother Maria and clutch Her rescuing Hands — when they have trespassed and now seek salvation. The Holy Spirit is venerated in many lands on earth. Many chapels and churches are built in Her Honor and believers pray there and implore Her and ask for help for their sick loved-ones, or for a bit of happiness during their life on earth, You. who are searching for wisdom, build in your heart a cathedral, to honor and venerate God the Father, the Spirit of the Christ, and Mother Maria. This is a spiritual cathedral — but when your spirit returns to the cosmos, after the death of your physical body. you shall see Them in this church. There you shall see the Holy Spirit in the embodiment of a gentle Lady in light blue, who will open Her Arms to you with a welcoming smile.

ARTICLE 3 of your Creed of Faith is as follows: "I believe in the Son of God. part of the Divine Tri-unity". "Many things appear strange and un-understandable for reincarnated human beings. They contemplate everything with their human understanding, and their spiritual ability is eliminated through the will of the spirit and through the process of reincarnation. In Article 3 of your Creed of Faith are the expressions: "Son of God" and "Divine Tri-unity" emphasized, but although they are used by the Christian Creeds in every Divine Service, very little elucidation is given as to their meaning. Church leaders — ever so often — use the excuse: "we do not want to talk about it. These are mysteries and must not be discussed". And yet — God lets the human spirits be born on earth, to search for truth and wisdom. But nothing on earth is perfect. not even the human spirit, because if this perfection should be possible, the human spirit should not have been born on a planet of imperfection, as the earth. But the human spirit evolves during its lives on earth, because it learns to differentiate between good and evil and between virtue and vice. It learns to know his fellowmen, according to its degree of evolution, evolves in love, goodness and compassion to Higher Spiritual Spheres and this purifies and perfects the spirit. Perfection is reached through searching for truth and wisdom. As this spirit improves, more revelations of the Laws of God are given to it. Slowly the darkness of the dogmas, which has kept it in ignorance for so long, lifts, and the spirit understands that the device, with which the human being has been kept in darkness and ignorance, is a false doctrine, which has now lost its power over him. The time has passed when he did not think of expressions as "Son of God, part of Tri-unity". He now finds an explanation, which he accepts as truth and whereon very few people think. When there is talk about the Christspirit or the Spirit of Jesus, he hears expressions, "the Son of God" or, "the Son of Man", etc. But people give no special elucidation about it. They do not delve from whence this expression hails, nor what its exact meaning is. He keeps his conviction to himself, because he is no church leader or minister. If he would talk about his own conviction, he would be decayed as heretic and blasphemer, he would be referred to the Holy Writ, and thus, he remains silent. But have not the Jewish Scribes tried to stop Jesus when He proclaimed the True Faith?... Have not the Jewish Scribes tried to stop Mohamed. when He could not explain the contents of their Holy Books? As God has given permission to reincarnated human spirits, to perfect themselves on earth through searching for truth and wisdom. He has herewith also granted permission to search for revelations. Revelations arise through wisdom — wisdom is reached through experience, but also through inspiration into their brain from out of the spirit world. The time has arrived when such reincarnated spirits are capable of understanding revelations, because their evolution is sufficiently advanced. This is the time when they start to ask questions about things, which they did not think of in former lives. And when they hear talk about "the Son of God" they begin to think about this expression. At first they do not understand the deeper meaning of it. They also hear talk about the "Son of Man", when there is mention about Jesus — and they also contemplate this expression. "Son of God" can merely have a spiritual meaning, because God is Spirit — and therefore the Son must also be Spirit. "Son of Man" can only refer to human beings, born of human parents. Spontaneously they become aware of the true meaning of these two expressions, and they analyze further and try to find a still deeper meaning. As the human spirit is born of an Atom of God, then the Christspirit needs to be born of several Atoms of God — because — as He is a part of the Divine Tri-unity — He must also be a part of the God-Head, either by splitting or by the Will of God. Then His birth is equal to the birth of the Holy Spirit, which likewise originated from God by splitting. And what the human spirit — however — does not know, is: that the Spirit of the Christ — after the example of His Father — has also split in other Spirits, and that one of these splits is the Spirit of Jesus. These conditions permit the Spirit of Christ, to handle many things simultaneously, because everything, that His Splits hear or see. He knows and experiences just as If He Himself has handled it. Therewith we also understand, that everything in regard to the splits of God as well as those of the splits of the Christspirit spirit and the Holy Spirit, are always approved of by the Godhead. And is it now surprising, that God, the Almighty Creator. from Whose Atoms the spirits originated, understands the human spirits so well — in their care, their strife and suffering?... that the Christspirit — as a part of God — also feels the struggle and participates in the deliverance of the reincarnated spirits, and that He uses all His Power, to show the human spirits the road, that leads to their deliverance, their perfection and which enables them to enter the Eternal Life of Bliss, where there is

always Light because there is Wisdom. "1 believe in the Son of God, part of the Divine Tri-unity" is a part of your Creed, wherein you accept the Spirit of Christ as a part of God and therefore as a part of the Divine Tri-unity. This Son of God is the High Messenger of the Almighty Creator, which — in the Name of God — goes about on earth by the Name of the Spirit of Truth, and which explains — through some mediums — some of the teachings of the Spirit of Jesus. Just as the Jews — in the time of Jesus — rejected the truth, which was proclaimed by Him, so will also the explanations which to-day He — as the Spirit of Truth — proclaims through mediums, he rejected by many people. But just as after Jesus a nucleus of believers in Christianity distributed the words of Jesus as bread to the hungry — and brought new life to the faith for the benefit of posterity — so is there to-day an elite of followers, who form a small hut strong nucleus, who accept the Spirit of Truth as the Christspirit and who spread His elucidation among the people. Many people who eat of this bread, still live in doubt. but the seeds of truth and wisdom are stored in them and will in good time germinate and become plants, trees, which will brave the storms and dangers and ultimately grow, to be the universal faith which shall exterminate and destroy all evil and depravity still on earth, and which will collect all different beliefs and creeds in the One God to a mighty fortress, which will form a mighty pillar, to tower up towards Heaven as a personification of illumination, love, calmness and peace — as a symbol of the spirits, which live in Eternal Bliss in the Light of God.

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