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therefore reject. Wisdom does not flower, before its time is ripe. The time of

understanding and comprehending one another — among peoples of all races — will

also arrive — so will tolerance and patience among members of different Creeds, but

foremost: the understanding of one human being and another human being is of utmost

necessity. And once he is able to remove the stigma of his own defects and to

understand and believe in the process of reincarnation, the human being will also be

able to understand the cause and effects of his own existence as spirit—be able too,

to understand cause and effect in the life of different nations and different

races — and also to understand cause and effect of the existence of the various

Creeds. And he will know, that many roads lead to the same goal and that each

human being has his own self - determination, his own free will and has therefore

to respect the rights and equity of his neighbor. True Spiritualism leads to the

understanding of all races, all nations, and all Creeds—but, particularly, to the

understanding of each human spirit. It is the path of "Peace through Love". Do not

be content with using your mediumistic gifts — do not be satisfied with paranormal

manifestations by invisible spirits — search first and foremost for truth through

the spiritualistic philosophy. Practical spiritualism is interesting and also

important, it gives you the assurance, that life continues after the death of the

physical body and that your loved ones are now living in the cosmos. But this

knowledge — for all its value — does not assist you in your rising, your own

evolution. Develop Love in your soul. Compassion, Truth and Righteousness,

overcome all your shortcomings and failings, and omit everything which would hurt

another's feeling and cause mental suffering. Open your heart wide to goodness and

submission and visualize yourself in the life of Prophets and Leaders of High

Creeds. Remove all thoughts of jealousy, envy, fanaticism and hate. Respect each

one's conviction, because convictions are parallel to the degree of evolution. Only

time and wisdom will change personal convictions for a higher degree of evolution.

It is practical philosophy to lead a good life and as thus, the practice of

mediumship is useful philosophy. And once you have reached the state of wisdom,

thank your Father in Heaven—love and praise Him from the fullness of your heart,

with ardency and devotion—for you have realized, that you have improved as spirit

and shall rise to a higher place in the Host of God's spirits. You have now gained

the assurance that you live in the "True Belief, which permits you to rise closer

and closer to the Father and ultimately to blend with His Eternal Light.


The expression "Spiritualism" is—for many centuries — attacked by certain people.

But it is impossible, to exterminate this word—since each and everyone is a

spiritualist. This fight is originally started by ignorant people, who quote

sentences from Holy Books, of prophetic interpretation and the Gospels, which they

have not in the least understood and therefore quote wrongly. I now wish to ask

the people on earth: "What is the aim of your sojourn and of your life here on

earth?" You have to meditate deeply, analyze your innermost feeling, before you

will give me an answer to this question. Do not just give a generalized answer,

something, what the average person would answer, but search deeply in your

subconscious mind. You may ask yourself many questions: "How do I live?... Are my

actions satisfactory or below standard?... Do I feel happy after having done a

good deed?... and do I feel wretched and miserable after some questionable

behavior or even a misdeed?... Do I hanker after worldly pleasures, sensual

satisfaction, material possessions and luxuries?... what are my efforts to gain

spiritual knowledge?... do I read books in search of wisdom?... do my own and

other people's life-experiences teach me a lesson?... do I value and admire the

amazing beauty of nature?... do I feel loving - kindness towards people, animals

and plants?... has life taught me my lessons and have I accepted and used them

spiritually?... have I overcome some failings of mine?... have I tried to recompense

people, for having previously behaved unjustly and dishonestly towards them?... have

I sometimes helped those, who were in difficulties?... have I occasionally helped

people by giving them good counsel?... have I ever tried to persuade anyone, to

leave off some bad habit?... or ever tried to give a sick person new hope or

encouragement to bear his fate with patience and submission?... did I ever give

support to a poor person or helped a blind one to cross the street?... At least

to one of these questions you surely will find an affirmative answer... and

then: I assure you, you are a spiritualist.

What is a spiritualist? "someone who is good to his fellow beings".

Who is good to his fellow-beings? "he who has Love in his heart".

Who has Love in his heart? "he who is a wise person".

Who is a wise person? "he, who has many life-experiences".

Who has many life-experiences? "he, who has gone through strife, suffering and sorrow",

Who has to suffer all this? "each one, who lives on earth in a human body".

Each human being has—by the Grace of the Creator — under- gone during his life on

earth many life-experiences and now has to unfold love and compassion in his

soul — has to gain wisdom — and with all this developed spiritually, so as to

purify and raise his evolution, and therewith to rise—in the infinite

cosmos — closer to the Light of Wisdom—God—and ultimately to blend with it. All this

is spiritualism, spiritualistic philosophy — and since all persons of good

intentions, travel this same road—subsequently each and everybody is a follower of

the spiritualistic philosophy. The word "Spiritualism" has been distorted by people,

who call themselves: "leaders of human beings", who have given it a confused and

misleading meaning and explanation; the fact and the truth is, that every human

spirit — consciously or unknowingly — is searching for enlightenment, for wisdom.

One searches for instructions in books, another in life-experiences, a third tries

both: books and experiences. The experiences of each one are "applied

spiritualism" — however difficult his life may have been. And the road, which he

travels is according to the wisdom, which he has found. Instructions from books

are conflicting and contradictory. You find in some books philosophy of High

Wisdom, then there are books with diverse philosophical trends, which try to cover

the truth, which others proclaimed. These false axioms are often explained in such

a clever, intricate and obscure way, that it is very difficult for the human brain,

to criticize and amend them. Yet they remain an untruth, a falsehood and the wrong

path to choose. Readers of such books will find themselves to be in an unsure, foggy

atmosphere, which makes them doubtful and wavering.— Then the question arises: "what

is the truth—which road must I follow?" But the searcher for truth and wisdom has to

decide for himself. In the beginning he is doubtful whether his choice be the right

one. But he finds life-experiences, either for himself or his fellowmen—wherever he

may travel. Life expands before him, with all its strife and difficulties, with so

little happiness and so much suffering, sacrifice, duty and service. He will discover

the solution himself for each problem, each difficult situation. This is his own

path and this path will lead him to wisdom. And in the evening of his life—looking

back and remembering so many events, so many occurrences and experiences — he feels

happy that he has conquered many a difficulty and found some wisdom. But in spite

of his age he still feels able to continue, to follow his path further and realize

that there are always people who need some help or good counsel—to be given from

his own experience. He is ignorant of his wisdom. He is not a leader nor a

counselor either — he just talks about his life and his experiences. He has

developed from scholar to teacher. He knows though, that each one desires to

choose his own way — nobody wants to listen — to good counsel, all prefer to follow

their own conclusions — they might perhaps consider, what he has told them of his

experiences, but they decide for themselves. He has a clear conception of the life

of those, who talk to him and understands, when one lives in a kind of mist and is

not able to analyze, which road to choose. With many he sees afflictions,

suffering, grief. The one feels spiritually weak and helpless and waits for him,

to give a hand to help him out of the lurch — but nobody is able to give this help.

Each one has to find for himself the means for escape from the abyss: this then is

the great merit, the great worth and value!—Then things will happen. Heartening

voices — voices which encourage him and incite him to pull himself together and

use all his strength for the last hard effort — an effort, which will deliver him

from all evil, all despair — thus he delivers himself. Another one submits himself

to humble endurance and bears patiently with his suffering and difficulties. Life

has crushed him, but he is not subdued. His heart cries, but he is determined to

persevere. With a broken heart, but with a smiling face, he goes through life. The

small light which beckons from afar, gives him courage and persistency. He

realizes: there is an end to his arduous, hard journey—the road to Calm and Peace

opens, the dawn of the new life... All this is Spiritualism. Spiritualism is

spiritual life. Life-experiences with struggle, suffering sacrifice and strife

are on the path of Spiritualism. Each one—born on earth in a human body — has to

travel this path. And those, who are fighting against Spiritualism, have to

travel this road just as well. But "the Light shines in the gloom" for each one

who is of good intentions — and this Light radiates Wisdom. Each one gains wisdom

through his experiences, his love, perseverance and loyalty. And — each

realizes — at the end of his journey, that the Spiritualistic Philosophy is the

"True Book", where all his life-experiences are registered.


Do people believe in the Law of Reincarnation, the Law of Karma and in the

progressive evolution of the human spirit? We have in previous letters discussed

the Laws, which rule the life of minerals, plants, animals and human beings. We have

explained the Laws, which regulate the rising to the various spheres of life, of

strife and suffering, which atoms of life, sparks of life and human spirits have to

traverse in their diverse spheres. And we ended with the human spirit, which — in

the sphere of your own being — passes through struggle and suffering and gradually

becomes acquainted with facts of the origin of human beings, with their good and

their evil, with their struggles to improve, with the reason for their suffering,

their slow purification—with the life in the cosmos and their approaching closer

and closer Divine Wisdom, Goodness and Compassion, with which they ultimately blend,

though without losing their individuality. here does the human spirit stand,

which — during its existence on earth—reaches the Divine Level of Love and Wisdom?

Is he now freed from all worldly difficulties? freed from all hardships and sorrow?

Is his spirit able to resist all the evil earthly radiation? Is he strong enough to

withstand all worldly temptations, human desires, materialistic cravings? The life

of such a spirit is often even more difficult and harsh than that of less evolved

human spirits, because he too has to suffer many afflictions. He has become far more

sensitive and — as all other human spirits—has to undergo the influence of this

planet of repentance, called earth. He too has to suffer the effects of earthly

radiations of temptation, he too is given to the influence of base thoughts, carnal

wishes, temptation of physical satisfaction or a life of excessive extravagance. He

even receives inspirations from low spirits, to commit deeds, which are not

permitted. But he bears a hidden force in him, which is much less or not at all

present in persons of lower or even of no evolution. This force gives him the

strength to resist all the invisible elements or radiations from the sordid

materialistic earth. This is actually a continuous hard and difficult battle.

Many purified spirits have yielded and been broken like a reed in the storm. But as

soon as the evil action is done. a deep spiritual repentance arises. He has learned

a hard lesson — but he has gained by it more strength, to withstand evil influences

from invisible low entities. This lesson means a strengthening of his defense-forces.

He is now better prepared and better endowed to meet new aggressions. All Prophets

and Leaders of High Creeds were subject to such temptations. He has meanwhile

realized, that the adversary of his spiritual rising lurks on two sides: on the one

side the menace of low and infernal spirits, on the other the threat of earthly

radiation — as the earth is a planet for repentance for spirits, which did evil, but

which are permitted to undergo on the earth-planet diverse tests and trials, to

demonstrate that they submit — with devotion, by struggles and suffering—to the Laws

of their Divine Father, as also to their spiritual brothers present on earth and

those in the cosmos. They are — in their human life on earth — under the influence

of the earthly radiation, and invisible low spirits try to arouse their ignoble

instincts to commit many evil deeds. But they are determined to improve, whether or

not their brain realizes it. Life on earth is their school and they take a taste of

life-experience and a discernment of wisdom home into the cosmos, after each

finished life. Their soul is thus a bowl, where their virtues are collected and they

have to return to earth, to reincarnate in another human body, as long as this bowl

is not filled to capacity with Wisdom, Love, Compassion, Loyalty and other such

merits and virtues, until ultimately they blend—in the Beyond — with the Light of

the Creator, from Whom they hail and Whom they so often misunderstood and denied.

Some of them, those who during their life on earth discovered Spiritualism, and who

have experienced the effects of earthly radiation, will ask: Why have we here on

earth to endure so much hardship? Cannot we purify in the beyond, in the cosmos —

after discarnation? Is it not possible for us, to endure physical suffering there?

We would thus be convinced about the continuance of the spirit after bodily death

and our rising would be much easier and it would also confirm other things, which

we now only feel to be a possibility? They doubt the truth—and this is proof,

that so far they have not reached the level, from where they are able to understand,

that reincarnation is a necessity and that physical suffering helps to spiritual

evolution just as much as mental suffering. A reincarnated spirit, which caused its

fellow - men bodily harm, will request — after the death of his physical body — a

new reincarnation, in which he will suffer the same type of suffering — as penalty,

if he has caused his neighbor mental suffering, he will ask for the same or even

harder mental suffering as penance... he must pay for all his failings with

suffering — always — incognizant of his previous faults and defects — either on

earth or in the cosmos. The human spirit is — during its life on earth in a human

body — ignorant of much which happens to him. He is unable to understand — as

long as he has not accepted the spiritualistic philosophy — why he is on earth,

why he has to go through so much suffering and difficulties — and why he does not

realize, that life continues in the cosmos after physical death. The purpose of the

Spiritualistic Initiation centre is to enlighten people, respectively reincarnated

spirits, of the reason for their existence as spirits and as human beings — also of

the destination of the spirits after their death on earth. Very few people know and

understand this. They attend spiritualistic church services, because they believe

in the continuity of the spirit after the death of their body—they feel happy, when

the beloved spirit of a member of their family or of a friend, manifests at a church

meeting. They accept their counsel and feel satisfied that the beloved spirit — now

living in the cosmos — is able to come and talk to them. But very few advance

further than this realization, very few will search for more enlightenment and study

the cause and effects of it — very, very few will study the Spiritualistic

Philosophy... and adjust their life accordingly. Very often this condition is a lack

of evolution of the human spirit. But the time arrives — always — either in this or

in a following life — and the human being will understand, that the Spiritualistic

Philosophy is of the greatest importance and the greatest value for every

reincarnated human being. The comprehension of the Laws of Creation is knowledge,

which brings Wisdom to the human being on earth, helps him to realize the necessity

of suffering and sorrow and bear it with submission — when the vital power passes

out, to change easily and freely from one life to the other—from earth life to life

in the cosmos. Dear Children, you who are traveling the earthly path according to

the teachings of the Spiritualistic Philosophy, be very happy, because the Hand of

your Divine Father is on your head. His spirits protect you on the rough and

difficult path of your life on earth—and your leader spirit prepares a good place for

you in the Light Divine, where you will — in all Eternity — help the Father of All

the Universe, Your Supreme All Highest Lord, the Master of all spirits — you will

carry out His Divine Plans. Many human spirits still live in ignorance and darkness

and feel unhappy and restless. You will enlighten them to suffer their life better,

when you yourself have understood and lived according to this Spiritualistic

Philosophy. Do not deviate from the path, which you are now following and which

leads to rising and evolution. You serve God and your fellow-men and therewith you

personally gain as well.


To be born — to die,

To be reborn — This Is The Law. (Allan Kardec).

To be born to die, to be reborn... these are Holy Sacraments.

The Son of God is the Bearer of these Sacraments.

Birth is: to become a human being,

Death means: to return to the Cosmos.

Reincarnation is: the road to spiritual perfection in each successive life.

Life on earth is also the road to Wisdom,

Wisdom is the Light of God,

The Light of God brings Revelations,

Revelations are the Light to the Unknown,

The Unknown is the Life of the Spirit.

Life on earth includes Suffering,

Suffering is Penance for Failings.

Penance leads to Purification,

Purification is Spiritual Evolution,

Spiritual Evolution is the Gate to Life Eternal,

The Road to Eternal Life is Love,

Love is Admiration,

Admiration is the Gate to Aesthetics,

Aesthetics is the road to Spiritual Love,

Spiritual Love animates Ecstasy,

Ecstasy is the Mirror of Divine Love,

Divine Love leads to Redemption,

Redemption is Life Eternal,

Eternal Life is Bliss in the Cosmos.

Death Does Not Exist...


TO be Born — To Die — To Be Reborn — This Is The Law ...

this is the most important teaching of Allan Kardec, who lived in France about

a hundred years ago — and since known as the Father of Modern Spiritualism.

Each human being realizes that he is alive. Each child is told that it is born

on a certain day, how old he is, etc... He will receive a Birth certificate, on

which is noted the date, the place and the country of his birth and the names

of his parents. Each person realizes that he has been born and that he is alive,

and for most people this is quite sufficient. But many others wish to know more.

They sense the mystery behind each human birth. They try to unveil the mystery of

their own birth and pierce the darkness, which surrounds it — and slowly they gain

the conviction, (hat a spirit is living in their physical body, which provides this

body with Life, Motive Power and Strength. But the Mystery of Birth is still hidden.

Then it will happen, that a child is stillborn, is nothing but a lump of senseless

flesh. Why is there no life in this child?... the answer is simple: no spirit

entered this child's body during birth... This reveals the Mystery of Birth. Each

human being realizes also, that he has to die. Once the physical body is used up

or has perished, it dies. Why do people pass away after a certain time, some young

and others old? . . . Because the spirit, which dwells in this body, has completed

its given task and is now due to return to the Cosmos. It might — however — happen,

that a spirit is granted an extension lo its allotted time—but this is rare and

happens only if there is a special reason. This then reveals the Mystery of Death.

Once a human being accepts the existence of a spirit in the human body, he also

accepts the continuance of this spirit after physical dcatli, and he will easily

understand, that only one human life would not be sufficient for the spirit to gain

perfection to be able to reach the Eternal Divine Light. To be born, to die, to be

reborn—is one of the unchangeable Laws of Creation and is adjusted to the earth

during the full time of its existence. To be born—to die—to be reborn—is a

Divine Law... Just as a human being is subject to the laws of his country, so is

the human Spirit subject to the Laws of God ...

And thus are the Mysteries of Rebirth fully explained.
FIRST MEDITATION - To Be Born — To Die — To Be Reborn...


THIRD MEDITATION - To be born is: to become a human being.

FOURTH MEDITATION - To die or Discarnate Means: The Return of The Spirit To The Cosmos.

FIFTH MEDITATION - Rebirth Or Reincarnation Is The Path To Purification.

SIXTH MEDITATION - Life On Earth Is the Road To Wisdom.

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