Messages from the highest spheres

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And see what the result will be.

Let me get reconciled with people on earth,

With those, whom I loved and others, whom I could not understand ...

But foremost let me—in this ultimate moment—

Be reconciled with God, my Father, my Judge in Eternity.


My Father, my Supreme Lord and Master—1 am not endowed

with High Power and I cannot substantiate the miracles of this earth.

However—You have sent messengers to this our plane and

they have great power. They know and use cosmic rays, which

originate on other planets, even on other solar systems and with

which certain of Your Plans have to be accomplished.

May I ask Your Help for the earth, which quietly pines away,

and will You look on the people. Your Children, who live on this earth?

As the earth sinks slowly, gradually, deeper and deeper to

dark spheres, so also the path of Love, which the human beings

are supposed to travel, becomes more and more dusky and gloomy.

As shining fountains to enlighten the world, are the various

doctrines, which are to direct reincarnated human beings to the

path, which they have to choose. Many of Your children have

bathed in these fountains as in a sea of spiritual joy and happiness

and have followed the path, which these light buoys have indicated.

But now a time has come, when new generations desert this

spiritual Light and Wisdom. Their interests are only directed to

physical pleasures and the satisfaction of the human body. Ideals

and efforts to gain spiritual rising are matters of the past. Short-

lived entertaining, riches and luxuries have replaced longing for

spiritual values and Eternal Bliss in the Spirit-world.

The body has overcome the spirit.

Have we—oh Father—to assume, that You keep Your

advanced children near to You and Your many still retarded

children are given an opportunity, to collect wisdom, to balance

their failings and errors by penitence and suffering—and lastly to feel

Peace and Love for You?

Many of them journey the path of great insecurity and

uncertainty, of unbelief and despair. The evil surrounds them.

grows vaster and vaster—and preaching, counsel and offering of

help from Your Messengers—oh Father—are of no avail, are like

a voice in the wilderness or as willing hands, to be pushed aside.

Your children—oh Father—use only their physical eyes,

never even notice their spiritual aspect. Everything, which cannot

be seen, heard or touched, is rejected as non-existing. Other

peoples' lives or possessions are no longer respected or spared.

Lies and cheating are the rule, and the good is the spoil of evil.

How shocked am I, to observe all this evil, misery and decay

of mankind. You must feel deeply insulted and grieved, when You

look down on earth and notice all this ungratefulness, with which

these earthlings respond to Your Love, Your Compassion, Your Divinity!

Father—1 know, that Your miraculous deeds created earth—

and that all the miracles, which You perform to-day, pass invisibly,

without advertising or propaganda . . . But if it is possible, if I

am not asking too much—would You not once again give evidence,

give a testimony of Your Existence and Your Mighty Power, and permit people to see with their spiritual eyes! . . .

Let them observe the Omens, which manifest in the cosmos

and also on earth! Let them realize, that only a small span, a

short space of existence is left for the sun, the earth and all other

planets, which circulate around the sun. Let them not only realize

the near future of this planet of matter, on which they live, but

also show them an impression of their own spiritual future—their ego—their spirit!

Let them realize, how low their standing is—how aimless

and useless—and shall remain thus in the future—and what will

be their destiny, when they will have to account for their life on

Doomsday—their life of futility, vanity and trifles, and neglect

of the spirit—on Doomsday, when the separation between the

good and the evil will be fulfilled—,let them realize too, that then

no way of return is open to them, no possibility to resume a fresh

beginning. All is finished and closed. The low and the base spirits

can no longer enjoy life and luxuries, not the material earth either

—because the earth will have perished . . .

Those, who collected wisdom, who gave more attention, more

devotion to spiritual well-being, than to their physical enjoyments

—shall reap the great distinction and live in the Light of the

Creator for all Eternity.

Let a miracle happen—oh Father—let Your children, who

live on earth, gain the sight of their spiritual eyes—let them notice

the omens of the end of earth's existence. Let them realize, that

—as human beings—they are a duality: the human body and—

far more important—the spirit, and that they, as long as the earth

exists, may enjoy a prelude to the life of Bliss in the Universe.

Let them realize the fact, that this passion for material pleasure

—seeking is disastrous for their spirit and leads directly to their spiritual destruction . . .

If they realize this clearly, will they still think it worth their

while, to intrigue for rebellion and war? Will they not comprehend,

how much mental suffering they will cause their fellow-

creatures, and which will actually contribute to their own evil

karma? and that there is indeed only one path to liberation and

peace, the path called: Love, spiritual Love, which will—by

mediation of Your Messengers, oh God—bring happiness and evolution to all humanity.

Let Love reign on the earth—unselfish Love; Love for house-

hold and family, for the nation—for all nations and all people on earth.

Let the earth—oh Father—for this last short period of her

existence—have as motto: "Peace through Love"—and let the

majority of reincarnated spirits find the goal of their journey, nl:

Bliss in Eternity.


Oh Father, who reigns in the unending cosmos

And is the Creator of all that exists,

Whose breath gives Life to the invisible world,

and Strength to all that is material and physical,

Tell me: are we created in Your Image and Form? . . .

Or have we to mould ourselves, to be able to approach You? . . .

Approach You in Spirit, Love, Goodness and Compassion? . . .

I cannot accept—oh God—that my human physical body—

To which You—through my spirit—have given Life—

As imperfect as it is, as filled with coarseness—

As impure, often sick, sometimes cringing with pain—

Could be an Image, a mirror of Your Exalted Being?

I cannot accept—oh God—that You, in the infinite cosmos,

Are living in a body, which can be sickly, impure or disformed . . .

If I am wrong, oh Father, I ask You in humility,

That You will forgive my despair.

It is not for me, to utter my doubts about You to other human hearts,

I only desire to find shelter under the wide wings of Your Divinity—

To call on You and ask Your Compassion and Goodness—

Ask You, to open my eyes to the elevated mysteries,

Which have not yet been revealed to me . . . oh God—elucidate me.

I well believe, that You are the Almighty, All-loving Spirit—

Who has incarnated a spirit in each human being on earth;

A spirit, which is still primitive, but which searches

For perfection and evolution through wisdom.

You are the Highest Wisdom, the All-Embracing Love—

The Prototype of Benevolence and compassion—

You grant penitent spirits Forgiveness and Bliss!

Give me conviction, oh Father, shatter all my doubts;

Teach me to differentiate between spirit and body!

Free me from the radiation of material cravings;

Destroy the beauty of my body, to rid me of temptation,

So that my soul may find a better way to compass my life—

So that my spirit will become more open to Your Love and Compassion—

So that the path to spiritual perfection may be shortened.

Aid me, oh my Father, on the road which I travel,

Assist me in the strife against failings and error,

Let my spiritual beauty sublimate my physical charm,

Let spiritual Love replace physical desires.

Let me love and understand my fellow-men better,

Let me help to bless cripples, sick people, the needy and the poor,

Let me absolve everyone, who treated me wrongly.

I believe, oh God! You are the Father of all human spirits;

You have created us after the Image—

But for primitive, searching for evolution.

we roll and slide as a ship on the high seas,

We argue and lie—but we rise through life-experiences . . .

Thus we approach You, oh Father, in devotion, in love and compassion,

Ultimately to blend with Your "Light of Eternity".




True Spiritualism is Divine Teaching. It is the Study of the human Spirit — the

Cosmos and the Divine Laws. From the scientific point of view it is research for

tangible proof. This proof is looked for in the study of scientific

theories — search for cosmic rays and an explanation of their

significance — analysis of the human life-force, and confirmation of the

existence of the human spirit, which shows—by manifestations—the unassailable,

unimpeachable proof, that this spirit lives on after the death of the physical

body—and the search for the life-force in animals, plants and minerals. It includes

likewise the investigations of the rules for the regularity of the movements of

the earth and other planets around the sun, the causes of the formations of rainbows,

storms on sea and in the air, earthquakes and any other phenomena of nature,

which can be observed by the human eyes. From the spiritual point of view it is the

search for information of Holy Scriptures and the primary causes of prophesies and

explanations and other sentences from Prophets and Leaders of High Creeds.

But the most reliable, trustworthy and unreserved conviction is to be obtained in

certain spiritualistic séances, where invisible entities manifest — either by

incorporation in a human medium or through an automatic writing medium or by the

use of an ouija board and thus often give those present the most unexpected and

wonderful messages. These messages are filled with love for God and mankind. Nobody

can doubt the truth of such manifestations and messages. When insusceptible

uninitiated persons discuss this type of spiritualism, they call it: Christian

Spiritualism and may also try, to prevent Non-Christians, to share such Christian

philosophy and séances. True Spiritualism is in no way Christian sectarianism, as

some destructive people assume, but it accepts, that all Leaders of High Creeds

have revealed a certain portion of the Divine Truth: Zoroaster, Gautama Buddha,

Confucius, Jesus Christ, Mohamed and many others. How thoughtless and

inconsiderate would this be for — as every Spiritualist knows — he should not

slight or neglect other Leaders of High Creeds, if he accepts only One, to proclaim

Divine Truth and ignores all the others. Each Leader of High Creeds from Moses to

Mohamed — has revealed a part of God's Divine Laws—to accept only one of them.

would mean, that only a small number of all Divine Laws would he known and

accepted. If this were correct, no True Spiritualism would be existent. It

is — however — true, that even the followers of Spiritualism are of divergent

convictions. It is true — too — the followers of spiritualism are, often enough,

quite content to get messages from spirits of their family or friends, and find

satisfaction in messages of earthly concerns, as health, means of subsistence

and riches etc. Some even find it quite sullicient to observe physical phenomena...

this type has not yet realized the value and importance of true spiritualism — they

are only interested in earthly and physical concerns. True spiritualism though,

does not reject scientific experiences, but prefers, to search for advanced

spiritual enlightenment through spiritualism. A person receives from the entities,

which contact him—according to his degree of evolution—wisdom ... wisdom, which may

influence him. to annihilate all the low tendencies, which lie still harbors — and

to replace failings and defects by newly acquired virtues and thus change him to

become a better human being, perhaps even a perfected spirit. Attributes, which he

lies thus gained on earth, will be taken by his spirit to the cosmos, after the

death of his physical body. The lessons, to which lie lies listened, comply not

only with his longing for evolution, but also give him initiation about:

the goal of his life on earth in a physical body,

the reason for his existence as human being and as spirit,

the causes and effects of his strife and suffering on earth,

the Divine Laws,

the cosmos and the cosmic rays.

the Father of his spirit, life in the cosmos,

the hierarchy of the spirits,

the struggle of the reincarnated spirits on earth.

the sacrifices and help of discarnated spirits for those reincarnated

spirits, which strive for new truths,

the tragedy, which many human beings on' earth have to suffer,

the stumbling blocks and difficulties, which human beings on earth have to

endure, the Power of Prayer,

the reward, which awaits reincarnated spirits of good intentions,

the reincarnation and the Laws of Karma,

the perfection, which a reincarnated spirit gains as result of a balanced life,

the Love and Compassion, which Our Father in Heaven feels for His Children — etc.

Entities of High Evolution, Leader and Protector spirits, the spirits of fathers

and mothers, sisters and brothers, friends and foes — from this or from previous

lives on earth or other planets — if not again reincarnated—come to such seances,

without being called. They commune about former reincarnations of those whom they

visit, about happenings in these lives, where you both lived in other bodies, which

are now decayed. They also tell of their errors, their mistakes in former

lives — but all is permeated with their deep love for you, who—in former

lives — were perhaps their son or their daughter, or father, mother, sister,

brother or a friend. How often does it happen, that a discarnate human

spirit — your opponent or antagonist in a previous life — comes to ask your

forgiveness for some wrong or dishonesty — and how relieved and glad will this spirit

feel and you as well, and how your forgiveness will give him comfort and peace. Such

happenings make you realize, how much more sensitive a spirit is than a

human being — and you may be quite sure, that this spirit will help you and protect

you, should you ever meet with difficulties. It will try to encourage you and

give you good counsel, will help you also in your struggle, to fulfill your task

here on earth or your mission. Your belief in spiritualism will increase even more.

when you learn the name of your leader spirit—what good friends do you become and how

sad will you feel, when this leader spirit has to leave you for a long time—to live a

few light-years away from you, to do some mission work there. And your conviction and

faith will grow still more profound, when Entities from the Highest Spheres come

and talk to you and give you explanations about: "why you are on earth and for what

kind of work you are here". They also talk to you about morale — about the various

roads, which you might traverse during your life on earth — the good and the

evil — the causes and effects of your struggles and sufferings on

earth — purification and evolution—your previous lives on earth as human beings and

the part, which you have played in these lives, about the tasks, still to be

accomplished and of the Love and Compassion of your Supreme Holy Lord and Master,

Who is also the Creator and the Father of your Spirit. Then you will not criticise

your fellow-men any longer, because their conditions differ from yours, or because

they belong to a different earthly church as the one to which you belong, — to which

your parents have entrusted you. You will greet every human being as a brother and

understand, that every existent thing has a reason and a goal—your whole being will

radiate only Love and Compassion and you will already live partly in the Eternal

Light of your Divine Father... This is a brief compendium of the meaning and the

importance of True Spiritualism.


Spiritualism is the expression of spiritual life. Spiritual life may be expressed

by Belief, Philosophy and Science. To science belong research and enquiry

concerning paranormal and supernormal occurrences and phenomena. Though it be rather

desirable to cultivate any mediumistic ability, this must necessarily be supported

by the study of spiritualistic philosophy—from which one gains conviction and the true belief.

Manifestations in people's aura—visibility of disincarnated spirits — spiritual

performances of strength — importations — materialization — telepathy —

clairvoyance — clairaudience — photo - reading—psychometric—messages on the

pancetta — etc, are always remarkable evidence of the continuation of discarnated

human spirits after the death of their physical body. This is an - other

demonstration of the fact, that death does not exist. But these performances

should — however—never degrade to obvious pleasure - performances. Spiritualism has

a far higher call, its philosophy should not be underrated—let one part of it be

scientific—the second part a system with established rules. The existence of the

spirit world in the cosmos—the cause of existence and the aims of the life of

invisible entities — lead inevitably to the Existence of the Creator, the Almighty,

the Supreme Highest Lord and Master, the Divine Father of all human spirits — and

thus leads logically to the fundamental confirmation, that spiritualism is not only

science and philosophy—but foremost: the Universal Belief. This Universal Belief

does not of necessity require a church building—where ever spiritualists meet in

the Service of the Lord, there arises automatically a "Spiritual Invisible Church

of God"... and its Radiation permeates much further in the cosmos, than human eyes

are able to perceive. Each one, who is searching for truth—each, who practices

scientific, philosophic or true believing spiritualism—each one of good intentions,

who tries to avoid failings and errors, but aims for higher virtues—helps to build

this invisible Sanctuary. It is a temple for some, for others a church, and for

still higher evolved spirits a cathedral or a basilica. The purer a man's life,

the more love, compassion, truthfulness, righteousness, loyalty and other virtues

he acquires, the greater will be the magnificence and splendor of this invisible

Sanctuary, which he is building. The light of his aura equals the Light on the

Altar — his virtues are the Wisdom of the Sermon, which illumine the road of

his life on earth and will render his life in the cosmos smooth and shining like a

mirror. True Spiritualism is thus: Science, Philosophy and Belief. Science seeks

proof of the permanence of life of the human spirit after the death of the physical

body. The manifold manifestations by spirits and the mediumistic incorporations of

discarnated spirits—the many interpretations by telepathy, clairvoyance and

clairaudience — give sufficient proof for the scientific searcher. Philosophy

explains ancient and modern symbolic and parabolic revelations of Prophets and

Leaders of High Creeds, among which reincarnation is of principal importance. When

the puny, simple human spirit needs many centuries to gain a certain degree of

purification, it stands to reason, that also Prophets and Leaders of High Creeds

had to undergo many reincarnations in human bodies, since They are the Light to

illumine the path of the human spirits. They are leading the human spirit in

everything. The human spirit, which is desiring to rise to the Host of God's

Spirits, has thus to follow the path, which the Leader — in His various

reincarnations—has indicated. The Leader — in His various reincarnations in a human

body — has not always reincarnated among the same people or even in the same human

being. He lived in the time of Moses and even before that time. Later He might have

been a Hindu or a Mongolian, an Arab, a Jew etc.. He has often lived among Pagans,

Buddhists, Christians or Moslems. And after returning to the Cosmos—he has meditated

on the difficult, arduous, rugged path .which reincarnated human spirits have to

embrace, and he has the wish to reconcile and bless the people, regardless of their

failings and discords. Well He knows, that people have to attempt many things, to be

happy, but that their spiritual evolution is not always adequate. Not one of the

Prophets, not one of the Leaders of High Creeds is. during life on earth in a human

body, fully understood and accepted. The world has not evolved to understand

them — but the good seed is always, planted in the human spirits—"through the

Divine Word of Truth." The human spirit will understand these Divine Truths only

later, after many more reincarnations. The modern person of today has accepted

many a truth, which he rejected in previous reincarnations. Now there are new

truths, which he doubts, in particular the truth of incarnation and reincarnation

of the spirit in a human body. But modern people begin to doubt other antiquated

principles, for instance, the resurrection in flesh and blood of the dead.

However — the principles of the existence, the reincarnation and the continuance of

the spirit after the death of the physical body — the principle of cause and effect

of suffering on earth — the necessity for spiritual purification and evolution — are

more and more accepted. For those, who have not accepted these principles, the time

is not yet ripe. Sowing time is there — the seed of truth is planted in people

and — possibly even during this life or surely in the next following

reincarnation — they will accept what they are not yet able to understand now — and

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