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Point 22 of Our Revelations illustrates that: The human spirit is born on earth in a human body, to expel all fanaticism and to learn to understand, that each person thinks, speaks and acts according to his degree of wisdom, attained degree of purification and perfection, and according to his position in the order of the Spiritual Host of God. This revelation needs an explanation, because there are not only the interests of the spirit to consider, but also those of the human being. In some points these interests of spirit and human being coordinate, because there are many things, which — by the agency of the human being — the spirit appropriates and incorporates as scientific knowledge, to take over into the spiritworld after the death of the physical body. School teachings, books, knowledge obtained through manual work etc. all belong to the domain of knowledge and science, and benefit the human body, aiding it to wind its path through human life: but there is wisdom, truth etc., which belong directly to the domain of the spirit, and which this spirit directs into knowledge of men, self-knowledge and life-experience. The character of the human being, his conduct in daily life, his good and evil — belong to the domain of the spirit. A human being may have extensive knowledge, a university degree, which allows him to occupy a higher position, a higher social station etc. but he can use his knowledge and his science for good as well as for evil purposes. His knowledge is no proof, that his spirit has unfolded, because for a spirit only wisdom is necessary to approach the Light of God and to blend with Eternal Bliss. The above Revelation therefore does not make the least reference to science and knowledge, which can be gained by school teaching and books, but for wisdom and truth, which are built upon life-experience and knowledge of men and which do not belong to the physical human being, but to the invisible spirit. here are — however — some questions to be answered, i.e.: 1) "what is meant by the expression: expel all fanaticism"? 2) "think, speak and act according to his own degree of wisdom, purification and perfection"?... 3) "the place, which he occupies in the order of the Spiritual Host of God?... Fanaticism is a word of great significance and importance. It has a twofold meaning: a human one and a spiritual one. A human being can with fanaticism strive for an earthly, physical, even bodily craving and even stake everything on its fulfillment. A human being can also with fanaticism defend or promote spiritual interests, which have nothing at all in common with physical earthly requests. In this latter case, his only interest are his own convictions, without any respect or consideration for the views and opinions of others, and he will defend with obstinacy and fanaticism all convictions, which do not agree with his own. Is the human being, who behaves like this, not a kind of dictator, a tyrant?... Somebody, who feels himself as a superman in the foreground? All his actions, the result of his emotions and conduct are the very best — and nobody else's convictions equal his own. Should he — however — belong to a certain degree of evolution, he should know, that each reincarnated spirit has reached a certain degree of spiritual purification — that the one is still low and the other has perhaps — as spirit — entered the Light of God and, notwithstanding his being reincarnated again, already belongs to the blessed ones. If he now resolves, to check on his fellow-beings in regard to their words and actions, he will understand, that one person might practice much evil and shortcomings, whereas the other one does much good and harbours many virtues, that the one radiates many black spots in his aura, whereas the other one radiates clear and shining light. He will then realise, that many spirits, without evolution, without purification, those which harbor much evil and vices, are mostly fanatical people — people with whom one cannot argue, who do not see reason, but who cling to their feelings and thoughts, who despise, even defend all counsel, all convictions of fellow-beings, and that this combat is so unfair and fanatical, that they even refuse to consider other peoples thoughts and convictions. Fanaticism is a great evil, which the human being on earth should try hard to conquer. He has to respect other people's convictions instead of fighting them. This does not mean, he has to accept their views or opinions, should he not agree with them. But he must realise, that the conduct of others might be better or perhaps worse than his own. To realise this difference, he has to study the way of living of his fellow-being, his good or bad attributes, and compare his own life with that of his neighbour — to find out, whether his neighbour be leading a more exemplary life than he or a worse one. Should the way of living of this other person be better than his own way, then the general impression is that the other is more purified than he is. And his love for his fellow-companions, his goodness and willingness to forgive evil done to him, is generally considered greater than his own love. Should — on the contrary — the life of his neighbour be inferior and harboring more evil and shortcomings, then his words and actions will also be lower — in either case the fanaticist must stop fighting and realise his wrong suppositions. Life on earth is a school for the reincarnated spirit, where he has not only to fight his own evil and shortcomings, but where he must also learn, to judge other people's convictions according to their degree of purification and to overcome his own fanaticisms. This cannot be achieved all at once. Just as the school, which you attended, is arranged in different standards, where a child in each higher standard has to learn new lessons and get a better understanding of those which are repeated — so also is the life of the spirit a school, the different standards being different reincarnations in new human bodies. Each time the spirit returns to a new life on earth, it learns new lessons and the results of these lessons are transposed into knowledge of men and life-experience, on which it builds its wisdom. This wisdom is kept in the sub-consciousness (also called soul), and it increases with each new reincarnation and through successive lives in the spiritworld, until it is — ultimately — taken along to the Kingdom of Eternal Bliss. You will again find in this Revelation confirmation, that only one incarnation, one human life, is not sufficient for the human spirit, to reach Eternal Life and Eternal Bliss. The first lives on earth are for the human spirit a time of darkness. He is influenced by material matter and its pleasures. This leads him to evildoings and his succumbing to vices. He behaves unkindly and unjustly towards his fellow-men and causes evildoings and shortcomings. He burns by this suffering his karma, his evil and unpleasant actions and is now prepared to turn to goodness and virtues. He acquires knowledge of men and life- experiences. From now on he purifies and improves more and more as spirit and as human being. He now finds wisdom and realises the continuance of his spirit after the death of his physical body — and rises higher and higher, until he reaches the Light of God and blends with Eternal Bliss.


Point 23 of Our Revelations proclaims: The human spirit is born on earth in a human body, to accept God as the All-Highest Lord and Master, the Spirit of Christ as their Enlightener and as (he Leader of all High Creeds in the One God, and the Holy Spirit as Protector and Comforter in all their needs. Each one who is of "good intentions", can accept these Revelations. The Church accepts them to their full meaning, they are proclaimed in all Christian Churches and all Christian people accept them in the teaching of their church. But we have in previous "Spiritual letters" revealed, that nothing on earth is perfect and that many revelations, which are preached in many churches on earth, are incomplete and imperfect. The human spirit, which is reincarnated on earth in a human body. is also imperfect, wanting in love, goodness and compassion. Just as the reincarnated human spirit is searching for purification and perfection, so also is each Creed searching for truth. But the full truth is never found. A human spirit — however — on account of its ignorance of origin and degree of progress — is qualified through his many and various reincarnations, to acquire in each new life on earth new wisdom, to shed past evil and errors, to purify and perfect himself by practicing goodness and virtues and thereby to enter — after each human life — a plane in the cosmos, where it will be initiated into Divine Truths, whilst acquiring new wisdom in each human life — both of which enables the spirit to approach closer to the Light of God. Earthly Creeds — however — remain in the condition of the times of their origin. They do not accept new Revelations and they never reach higher evolution. They do not rise closer to the Light of God. Many Creeds have disappeared or have been absorbed by new churches — churches, which preach truths, that are easier to accept, but their foundations are not renounced. They prefer to vanish, than renounce one of the principles of their foundation. Nevertheless — each Creed has its value, because God has granted a Creed for each one, which he can accept according to his degree of purification, perfection and evolution. Each Creed therefore remains at its basic viewpoint, does not renounce any of its fundamental principles and does not accept any new revelations. Reincarnated spirits, not cognizant of their former lives and their membership of other churches in previous incarnations, accept in new incarnations new truths, belong to Creeds which are closer to Divine Truth and thus approach closer to the Light of God and Eternal Life. This then is the difference between church and spirit: the church remains static in its first foundation and does not accept any Higher Revelations than those which her original principle decreed, on account of believers, who are too imperfectly purified and evolved, as to understand the wisdom of Higher Planes — whereas he human spirit takes cognizance — in its various lives on earth — of different earthly Creeds, during human life on earth and during spirit life in the cosmos, of the Laws of Creation, of Karma, purification, evolution and perfection, and of the Creed in the spiritworld, which reveals that everything on earth is imperfect and unclear, and that perfection is only reached as spirit, never on earth as a human being. From this acquired wisdom in the human spirit hails bound- less love and trust for and in God, Whom he accepts as his Spiritual Father, Who has scattered His Atoms during the Creation of the earth, and which gave life to minerals, plants, animals and human beings, all of whom received life-force from these atoms, that stimulated them — through millions of years of evolution — to the formation of the human spirit, which now approaches the Spirit of God in new forms and is enabled to purify and perfect and is ultimately admitted and blended with the God-Self, from Whom it hailed. The love of a human child for his father is emblematic to the love of the human spirit for God. A child obeys his father, it may go astray and neglect his father's counsel, but in the end the love of the child for his father predominates, and the father holds the place of honor in the heart of the child. The human spirit has God for its Father. The child of God —'during his many lives on earth, searches for a way — but learns to know good and evil, virtue and vice. All this is con- fused and the child — still lacking life-experiences and knowledge of men — practices evil and vices as well as goodness and virtue. But the child — after many life-experiences, sorrow and suffering — is capable of the resolution to search for good and virtues and to avoid evil and vice. Wisdom develops. Ultimately comes the realization, why the human being is living on earth — what the purpose of reincarnation of the human spirit is — that the spirit is eager to gain purification and perfection, as to be worthy to be accepted by his Spiritual Father, God, to enter Eternal Life and Eternal Bliss. Now the love of the child for his Divine Father is on a firm, sound foundation and inexhaustible. It is also revealed, "the human spirit is born on earth in a human body, to accept the Christspirit as his High Enlightener and as Leader of all High Creeds in the One God". The first Christian churches accepted Jesus as the Christspirit and rejected the thesis of reincarnation of the spirit. This was accepted as "Edict" of the Church. Once such an edict was passed, it could never be revised because this could defeat the prestige of the church. Yet. it is generally accepted, that it is the Christspirit. which showed the Way. that each has to follow to gain Eternal Bliss. To accept this and also admit that the human spirit is continuously reincarnated, to reach perfection, is to accept also, that the Christspirit has continuously reincarnated, to be an example to other spirits. When you trace the revelations of Moses, Lao-Tse, Zoroaster, Gautama Buddha, some prophets from the Old and from the New Testament, Jesus-Christ, Mohammed and some philosophers, you will always find teachings with the same foundation: love, goodness and compassion. In all of them can the traces of the reincarnated Spirit of Christ be found who brought to inhabitants on different planes of evolution a Creed, which they could understand and accept. Through all His Lives as reincarnated human being is He for reincarnated spirits the One, Who brings them "Enlightment". To accept Him, is to accept the God-Head Self. He is a part of God, is born of Him and is a part of the Divine Tri-Unity. We also revealed: "the human spirit is reincarnated in a human body, to accept the Highest Holy Spirit as His Protector and Comforter". The Holy Spirit too is born of God and is part of the Divine Tri-Unity. As the Spirit of Christ is the Way, so is the Holy Spirit the Helper in distress and the Comforter of all, who are suffering and discouraged. All those, who call on the Holy Spirit in moments of desperation and suffering, will receive help. The Holy Spirit is the Mother of the human spirits. In meetings and séances, where help and comfort is asked, the Holy Spirit mostly manifests as a Lady in Light blue. The Radiation of this Spirit is the Radiation of God Self, because It is a Part of God. His influence is overwhelming and the Power, which radiates from Him, is beneficial and comparable to the Power of the Christ. May every reincarnated human spirit achieve, to accept God as the All-Highest Lord and Master, the Christspirit as his High Enlightener and the Highest Holy Spirit as his Protector and Comforter in distress. Peace on earth, through love among all mankind, shall hail from it.


Messages from the Highest Spheres to the longing and searching reincarnated spirits on earth.

Mediumistically communicated by the agency of

the Spirit of Truth

the Spirit Kuthumi

the Spirit Maitreya

the Spirit Rimpoche

the Spirit Monyn
Dear Reader.

You celebrate on earth Mothers Day, and this day is revered in many countries. All are born physically of a mother, and each human being, born of a physical body — with a few exceptions — is called, to help in the furtherance of the great process of evolution. Each birth is a realization of the Divine Plan, to allow spirits living in the cosmos a chance to reincarnate as a human being and thereby to work for its own further spiritual advancement and perfection. The physical body is the product of a physical male and a physical female. The spirit which comes to live in this new young body is God's creation. The reincarnation is for the spirit a marvelous event. For many spirits it is not merely a rejoicing because they realise the great responsibility of their undertaking — a new life as a human being, with the possibilities of strife and suffering. What kind of life is the new-born desiring? If his previous life has been disappointing, then — being a good spirit—he asked for a difficult life, and is prepared for such. But his physical mind knows nothing of his previous life. The Divine Law is respected; nothing of the past is revealed to the mind of the newborn physical being. If his former life has been without progress, then he radiates the evil from previous lives into the cosmos and it is hard for him

to know that he in this new reincarnation has to strive to repair his former shortcomings. Sometimes a spirit asks for reincarnation with the aim to seek truth — and, realising it — disseminates it to his fellow-men - or to serve spiritualism in order to reveal Divine Mysteries. He usually succeeds in his mission, sometimes he deviates from his track and his task fails. He has then to return to earth and try again until he succeeds. Every reincarnated spirit has a mission, but be it successful or not. there is always an experience to be gained, something is always learned: and this is the knowledge, the experience of motherly love. As a child he takes it for granted that his mother loves and pampers him. However, he will feel his first jealousy when he begins to notice mother's love for father, his brothers and sisters and other children. But mother's heart is there to extinguish this smouldering flame of evil. A mother does this instinctively, without contemplation, because she has the natural feeling that this is necessary. The heart of the child is also afflicted when his mother has to punish him. But then again: mother is there to comfort, caress and forgive. And if the child is indignant, because others are unkind to him. he goes to mother for help and comfort. And she explains to him about good and bad characters, directs his attitude towards his playmates or schoolfellows, encourages him and talks to him about patience, tolerance and to be peaceable, and about love for his fellow-beings. When the child is sick, there is always mother to rely upon. She sits with him, watches him, always has a remedy at hand, puts his bed in the right corner away from too much light or draught. Mother curtails her sleep, her meals, her visitors to be always around, prays to God to relieve the pain and allow the child to recover—this child, who is part of her own being. And should it — nevertheless — happen that she has to part with this child, it is the mother who suffers the most, who bears the deepest sorrow and affliction. In such a case, the spirit of the child — freed of his body and his physical pains — returns to the Home of his Father in the cosmos, from where he will think of his mother on earth. In his spiritual life he now feels a deeper love for his mother's spirit who cared so much for him. His short life on earth rolls like a film before his eyes — he recollects and relives all that happened there: his own purification through his reincarnation and the spiritual development of his mother on earth through her sacrifices, her devotion, her self-denial, for love of her child. And the love of this child's spirit for the reincarnated spirit who used to be his darling mother on earth increases. And in due time it will ask permission to help and to comfort her in her hours of strife and suffering, to protect her in danger and in difficulties. Thus, the child might become the protector, or even the leader spirit of his earthly mother. If later in life a child takes the wrong track, it is again his mother who opens her heart to him and shows him the dangers to which his way of life are leading. The soft, but admonishing voice of the mother might influence the child, even if all other influences failed. Through how much suffering and grief has a mother to pass when one or her children chooses the wrong path. When a daughter decides to choose her life, the mother is the best adviser, but the daughter will follow the path which her own conscience advises. When the son is in love with a girl, the first one to notice it is the mother, she draws from her own experiences and becomes the adviser for the earthly life and happiness of her son. The marriage of the children might be happy or difficult. Spiritual strife, sickness (either physical or spiritual), unemployment etc., may come to the children and their families. The first one to feel affected, to sympathize and therefore to suffer, is mother. She is the first one to notice and is the first one to help and never expects any payment or compensation. Mother is always the rescuing angel in all difficulties. What about motherly love in spiritual questions? Many people lose their mother in early youth — some have never even known or seen her. But still — in their thoughts they seek their mother who gave them birth, in some cases even gave her life, to spare the life of the child. Such children also love their earthly mother, even if unknown. How lovely it is to see an old lady or a grey-beard kneel and send a prayer heavenwards, hoping that their mother will hear it. These old people may have children of their own, perhaps even grandchildren. And still, from the depth of their heart do they pray: "Dear mother in heaven, I love you and I hope you are happy to feel that today on Mothers Day, I am thinking of you and remembering you with all my love..." And if the mother is not to be reached, because she has reincarnated, there will always be someone to receive this prayer for a mother. This Mother is the Holy Spirit, part of the Holy Divine Tri-Unity, who was the Spiritual Leader of Jesus Christ during the life of Jesus on earth. The Divine Spiritual Mother is the Mother of all human spirits, who unceasingly spreads her love to all her reincarnated struggling and suffering children. She is the Protector spirit of all earthly mothers. Whenever she manifests she manifests as a woman, as a mother. It is She who, co-operating with the Christ, the Son of God. commissions those human beings who are of good intentions, to help materialise God's Plans on Earth. Let us therefore today look thankfully up to Heaven and from the depths of our hearts say: Glory to God, the Divine Father Glory to the Son, the Holy Spirit of Christ, and Glory to the Holy Mother.
Dear Reader,

People often differentiate between reincarnated and discarnated spirits. But is that really necessary? All are spirits, just as those which live in the cosmos. You are temporarily on earth born in a human body, the spirits in the cosmos are freed of all physical restraint. You, who are reincarnated came to the earth on a short journey, a study, which needs no more than a lifetime. All of you have a mission and the general mission is: to perfect as a human being, thus a better spirit. The problems of life on earth are of course difficult to understand for the reincarnated spirit — earthly language is poor of words compared to the ways of communication in the cosmos, that it is hard for the human mind to grasp a picture of conditions of spirit-life in the cosmos. But conditions of reincarnated beings are still more difficult to understand, both physical and spiritual. Life on earth has yet a purpose, that is: to gain knowledge of the Light of Truth, the purpose of his existence—his origin as spirit and his destination after the death of the physical body. Another reason for reincarnation is to give spirits in the cosmos an opportunity to reincarnate, to fulfil a mission on earth. For this, marriage is introduced—fatherhood and motherhood. But there are also individual missions for the reincarnated spirits. They have to make every possible effort to live according to the Laws of God, to advance spiritually and thereby to be able to advance as spirit in the cosmos. Had its previous life on earth been wanting, it has to atone for it by mental suffering. Before starting a new reincarnation, a spirit asks for the type of life it wishes to live in regard to the shortcomings of the previous one. A spirit, which asks for such a life and lives accordingly, ascends the mountain which leads to purification and bliss. The spirit is able to live in the Light of God only after purification. Yet people complain that they have to suffer on earth. They sigh and ask: What have I done to deserve so much physical and mental suffering? Why is God so merciless to give me such a hard life? Why am I unable to bring up my children properly and have so many difficulties in life? Why must I be so careful to make ends meet? I cannot understand the Lord! It is in reality the human being, who does not understand himself. Everything is regulated by the good and just Creator. Everything is easily understandable if the human being will only take the offered key to God's Mystery and enter the Temple of Spiritualism. Here everything will become clear — the eyes of the blind are opened and the ears of the deaf. The hardened heart will learn to love its neighbour and will be given books on Divine Wisdom, Divine Love and Divine Compassion. God's Wisdom does not permit human spirits to remember their previous reincarnations, whether they have been sinners, evil-doers, perhaps thieves or murderers or drunkards. He does not permit either that spirits remember anything about life in the cosmos — but He permits each tainted spirit to resist the black spots of evil-doing in former days, to lead a noble life and bear suffering with patience, to balance the karma and gain perfection. The Divine Love opens wide the doors of His House — the Father's house — after each reincarnation and shows each and every-one of His Children the place where they are able to see how far their purification advanced and whether they be worthy to live eternally in the Light of the Father, and whether they have collected sufficient experience and wisdom to show those, who still live in the dark, the path to the Light of God — though they themselves might still need purification as well. Divine Compassion has much patience — He grants to each of His children centuries of repeated reincarnations in order to rise to perfection. Purified spirits plant His Seed amongst His Children on earth. They reincarnate and as human beings teach others the Laws of God — they incite them to obedience, to love and to submission. They envelop these Children of God with fatherly and motherly love. All this is spiritualism in its simplest form: everything returns to its origin; the seed entrusted to the earth develops to a plant, blooms and becomes seed again. The water from the sea and the rivers turns to humidity in the warmth of the Sun, rises up in the air and becomes liquid again as rain and finds its way back into the sea and the rivers in unending repetition. Thus the human spirit is by the Eternal Creator scattered over the earth, reincarnated in the human body. The body dies, is returned to the soil and decomposed, but the spirit which dwelt in the body gets freedom and returns to the House of the Father. But before its definite return, the spirit has to undergo purification and, until perfection is reached, it has to return to the earth or other planets repeatedly—reincarnate in another body and again in another, until it has reached its goal and shed all its vices and short-comings and gained all virtues and qualities and then only as purified spirit gains Eternal Bliss. This is the vocation of the human spirit and the purpose of its being. Look unto yourselves and consider what happiness is awaiting you if you live according to God's Laws — but also consider the future of those who neglect or sneer at those Holy Laws. What will be the future of these who only develop their short-comings. indulge in vices and transgressions, instead of sheddnig these imperfections Consider their fate — they hopelessly perish. All have had the chance to evolution and cleansing for many thousands of years, but some of them fell for the thirst of pleasure, for luxury, lewdness, pride, haughtiness, drunkeness etc. These evils clasped them in such an iron clamp that they found no time to allow love to grow in their hearts or to serve mankind. Everything has an end. Just as you pluck the weeds in your garden, so is the Divine Sower also a Divine Mower. The weeds among mankind are also to be destroyed and the time when this judgement will be realised is closer than you may think. Pray for those lost souls and trust that the Father of all human spirits will not allow one of his children to fail. But if you look about and observe so many proud and haughty people, you will be convinced that for many the time for understanding and contemplation has passed and for God to show His Wisdom, His Love and Compassion and that the Divine Laws have to be followed. Therefore, may those who hear this call listen and convert to save those who can still be saved. Nobody can help those who do not co-operate, no prayer is capable of helping those who want to be lost in mud — for them it is too late for conversion — even his good intention and your prayer cannot save him. It is better for those good intentions to arrive a hundred years too early than one day too late. They received their own free will from the Creator. They resolved their own future and nobody can take this right away from them. Thank the Lord, thank Him for His Wisdom, His Love and His Compassion which opened the path of the Spiritual Teaching for you.


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